How will the coming of Na Mo or the continuing of MMS effectively matter for you?


You will still have to go and get that degree if you are a student. Will have to create a CV and find a job if you are seeking to change jobs. Or go and create that new product or service if you are a businessman….and sell it in the market.

Why people bother about

– who will be the PM

– will the $ reach 65, 70 or 50

– will the markets go up or down

……….seriously these seem to be just some escapism to pretend to worry about things which they cannot do anything about. I find these conversations as mindless as the Englishman’s obsession with the weather.

For people with a net worth of Rs. 12 crores – out of which Rs. 30 L is in equities, the amount of time that he spends on his equity portfolio analysis is a waste of time! Imagine what his IFA has to tell him is to say:

“Sir we agreed that we should have 40% in real estate, 40% in equities and 20% in debt. However now you have just too much in R.E. – it is time that you should sell about Rs. 5 crores of  Real Estate – and invest in 4-5 equity funds”

Will he be able to do that? The answer is NO.

Will the client listen to the adviser or tell him ‘You joker don’t you know that it is RE that gives 30% p.a. CAGR  for 30 years…but Equities do only go down in value 🙁



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  1. Terrific post. The kind of mindless discussions going on around these things is such a waste of time. Thanks for writing this.

  2. may be out of context. but found interesting one of remedial suggestions for the present economic crisis in one post by a prominent investment advisor to GOI :Ask all PSU banks to recall their loans to property developers when they fall due and not to roll them over. as per that post , some 4 lacs residential units are lying unsold all ovr India. how do you react the suggestion?

  3. Why bother and discuss big things?. Unemployed youth is desperate that no new openings are coming up. The businessmen is worried up that stagnation is seen in sales and banks are not lending for expansion. This poor reflection of environment at bottom of the pyramid looks up for hope i.e. revival of economy. It could only be possible by right policies by right people in job at right time.

    Ofcourse for many others (employed and big business guys) , discussion about politics and economy is often used for engaging others typically for just time pass.

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