for all those people who think India is in great shape, here is an article worth reading. It is a longish kinda article and many of you will get bored reading it.


But do read it. It is worthwhile.


And after you read it, send this link to people you know.


Then read it again. Except for some of the numbers, dates and facts…THIS APPLIES AS MUCH TO INDIA. Knowing it is fine…please read replacing Britain by India.

then think what to do. The only purpose of this blog is to make you think.

Think why the $ can go to Rs. 100

Think why the govt cannot confiscate your assets

Remember the 1970s when we saw inflation of 19%+…….

if inflation is 19% and savings account pays you 4%, your wealth is imploding

when inflation is high and markets are in a tailspin chances are your job will be wishy washy….

ok read on:


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  1. dear sir,
    Fantastic video.
    How can an individual protect him and his family?
    Nothing seems to be safe.. equity, debt, gold.. where to invest..?
    Bank FDs?

  2. Hi Subra Sir

    Fantastic Video.. I think it applies to India as well , maybe on a smaller scale. In such times how do we protect our wealth?


  3. Hi Subra,
    It is very frightening to see the position of great country like UK in such state. I am wondering what we can do if the bank collapses or stock market trading suspended as mentioned in the article. Will it happen in India, if so any way to overcome this?

  4. I think India is in much more worse condition then them & will be same. Even it’s not fault of politicians but it’s fault of ppl who voted down a govt for reasons like rise in onion prices & voted up a govt for paltry loan waivers & free food.

    We just got used to it & life will continue like that 🙂

  5. Thanks to @financial idiot and @Amit for posting the rebuttal articles to the video posted in this article. It was kind of not expected from Subra to post link to such a scare mongering video that is badly researched and arriving at wrong conclusions.

    The points raised in the video are not completely irrelevant however the truth has to be told as it is…

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