Last week there was a form to be filled..and I was asked to think of two names for each of these qualities. When it came to honesty there was a catch – it had to be a person below the age of 50. I just could not go beyond ONE.

It had to be a person with whom I have had a business deal, a person whom I knew closely, a person who had an opportunity to be corrupt but look clean, …sad could not find a second person in 30 years of business. Searched through with great effort but could not find the SECOND guy / gal.

Truthfulness also posed a challenge – if white lies, harmless lies, …were all clearly called by their first name, it was tough.

Kindness was a little easier even in the younger age group…but Graciousness was difficult.

Whew it was tough! The qualities required for a successful businessman is what they were seeking. The end result was a successful ‘entrepreneur’ was supposed to have kindness, graciousness, truthfulness, honesty, nice words,…I did not see any of the ‘hard skills’ – like networking, mathematics, pr, contacts, …etc.

will add more ..week end reading material though 🙂

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  1. well I know of one businessman who is vicious towards employees, his family, children, and sometimes clients. Of course he is a failure 🙂

    so i cannot say I disagree …

  2. How did you find the first one? I do not know even person who is completely honest (including myself – I smoke two cigarettes when I tell my wife that I smoke only one cigarette a day).

    I keep in my mind one good advice given to me by my father’s friend – beware of any person who says he says he is honest – he propbably is not. Similarly beware of any person who is conspicuously religious.

    Subra sir, I have become addicted to your blog.

  3. funnily 2 guys I know who are brutally honest are both in financial services. Worse one is a broker and the other is an Investment Banker (OMG does God make such people any more…is what you are thinking..i am sure!!).

    Complete integrity, the Inv Banker did not even buy mutual funds saying ‘If I get an assignment to buy or sell a fund house, I may get biased’.

    I have seen Justice Lentin – we stepped into his room..and named a hotel company. He said tell me is it the Taj or Oberoi. We said Oberoi. He said thank God, I have a few shares of Taj. Oberoi, I must admit, I like the food :). We said the brief is FOR OBEROI, so Sir please relax !!

    Met a few such people…but this questionnaire had to be people whom I HAD A CHANCE to deal with, long association, not related (obviously my dad or sister could not be on the list), should not be a current or past client,….so only 1 guy fitted in.

    any addiction is bad, but this one I will condone 🙂

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