1. Will Asset Allocation be included in there, somewhere.

    Otherwise, the rest of the topics do appear to be comprehensive enough. 🙂

  2. Happy to see following topic
    Stay away from Toxic products please!

    Interested to see whether 2nd home for investment counts as toxic product. After all, it is illiquid investment and big ticket investment at the same time.

  3. Please consider Risk of Inflation, Real returns after tax and inflation, Time value of money, Conflict of Interest, Compounded annual growth rate, Why it is difficult to create real wealth through trading for most people, Index investing, Common fallacies of debt instruments (FD,Bonds), Real cost of Loans and EMIs, Need for calculating everything mathematically and why hunches and simplistic views are wrong, Document keeping, Will and Nominees, Long term risk (eg Govt can change rules after the game has started), Black swan events (how all our assumptions can go wrong and how to deal), Need for diversification, How to prevent Fraud (trust but verify), Fallacies and realities of real estate “investing”.

  4. Dear Sir,

    A Chapter providing instructions on stock picking using fundamentals (of course for long term investing!!) would be very useful.I would request you to consider the following points to be covered in this section:

    a. Basics of Individual stock selection
    b. Ideal Allocation of stocks to build a solid portfolio (Blue chips ,Mid cap,small cap)
    c. Key indicators for filtering potential stocks
    d. Selection of stocks – Methodology
    e. Monitoring the portfolio
    f. Hedging using Call & Put Options
    f. Indicators for a sell

    This would really be helpful as there is no book that I have been able to identify which provides these details in the indian context.This will help people like me (non-finance background)to eventually move from investing in mutual funds to direct stocks and optimize returns.

    Looking forward to your book

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

  5. Subra: an important topic for the as per me/
    financial Compatibility with partners/ choice of partner for marriage to become wealthy or remain wealthy

  6. subra sir

    add the topic of financial counselling and planning before marriage , pre nups .. talking to your partner about your future financial plans , etc

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