Long ago while doing an article in ET one of the journos there said ‘Subra says he feels like Bheeshma pithamaha – people come for advice, but do not listen to him anyway’.

So with that background I felt good seeing a bunch of kids going to Bhargava uncles house for lunch and listening to his advice.

A nice beginning..i have put it up on my page on FB – you will find it on the you tube…too. It is an initiative by IDFC – as a part of their learning initiative..interesting attempt at youngster awakening…




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  1. Have asked the kids to show this during the student fest ‘Saarang’. The student organizers loved it. Curious to see how others react.

  2. ha ha …i liked it for sure…but would have done it a little differently. Anyway I am a little of Bhags – and my neighbor is actually Bhargava, but I have no clue about his finances….

  3. you are way more smart looking and definitely more fitter!

    I didn’t like the first scene though: a man with 100 cr net-worth wanting Rs. 1 for Rs. 0.5 from a vegetable vendor!

  4. agree with Pattu. I also did not like the fact that he wanted to show off his ‘nice’ house and ‘nice’ car. After all if YOU are living YOUR life on YOUR terms…why conform to societial status symbols? I and my husband realised all this pretty late…in our 40s…and my husband still smokes a pack a day…so ignoring health..wish we were financially and ‘eating’ wise smarter. Also 100 crores..is a movie exaggeration…even if they had said 20 crores..it would have been believable…and beyond most middle class peoples imagination..what say Subra sir? My daughter is studying for her engineering…

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