I am a Lance Armstrong fan. Sorry make it I WAS a Lance Armstrong fan.

Let us be clear. He is a cheat, who came clean only after he was caught. He can no longer be virtuous and keep saying ‘they are troubling me’.

Think of the trauma that his competitors went through….really sad for them.

However, coming clean on an Oprah show is not easy.

We all live with our own lies, right?

Yes our lies are not dramatic, it may not be in the public place, the local cablewalah may not know us – forget being interested in us, …but we also do need to come clean right.

Every time you or your spouse say ‘Oh we can afford it’ and you reach for the credit card, or every month when you pay the Minimum amount, – it is OUR lie confronting us.

Every time you postpone investing for retirement, it is OUR lie…

Every time your wife says ‘but Jewelery is also investing’ she is LYING or is IGNORANT…

Every time you buy a car…………..

——-ditto——— a zillion times.

Then we justify:

1. Everybody does it.

2. Subramoney is crazy he thinks everybody should live a debt free life..I cannot..

3. It is just this one time….

4. If politicians are NOT corrupt, there will be no corruption. My bribing 300 to a policeman is too damn small.

5. Nobody will know if I do it…

really a lot of learnings from Lance Armstrong..and interesting ones too.

OF course if I had come 2nd in those 7 TDF races…right now, I would WANT HIM CRUCIFIED.

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  1. Gosh, so many people coming second in the market today just because someone else was an insider, someone else was closer to the stock company, someone was aware of a govt. announcement, someone else was….a Lance Armstrong

  2. Like the song goes by Fleetwood Mac-sweet lies. Sweet lies ,they may be but are deterimental to our pyhsical,emotoinal & financial health.

  3. Dr M Chandrashekhar

    This guy does not look & sound to be apologetic though he has confessed. He has all along been a bully & his arrogance shows. He is confessing now so as to re-enter into the racing world.

    He had earlier lied under oath & atleast for that he should be put behind bars.

  4. Lance Says, He was creating a level playing field. Who knows.. he might be referring that the second placed winner(whoever) is also taking drugs. He has almost destroyed the sport. Read somewhere that(pardon for not putting a link) real-cyclists(without drugs) were coming last..

  5. @rajivahuja: The song is called Little Lies 😉
    Tell me lies,
    tell me sweet little lies..

    Of course, based on the reports of how Lance Armstrong *forced* others to dope or shut up, thats not lying nor is it to be belittled.

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