This is a meeting I had yesterday ….

PR Head: Hi Subra since 43 people in Linked In say you know banking our Chairman wants to meet you, is it possible to meet now?

S: Yes, of course, and this meeting is regarding…?

PR Head: Our Chairman Mr. Fix It wants to explore the possibility of creating a financial empire of world class reputation – and since the regulator will now give us a banking license we wish to meet with you…

S: Oh, sure, I will meet Mr. Fix It of EMG Builders….

Chairman: Thanks Subra, I wish to set up a Financial Empire of world class reputation…

S: Yes, sure, sir. It takes a long time to do that, you know. Well reputed bankers like J P Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank were not built overnight…

C: Yes, yes I know – I am a long term player. I am sure all this can be achieved over the next 80-90 months!

S: So what all will you want to do?

MD of the group (salaried employee, CA excellent in CV building): the whole works subra! Full fledged bank, Investment banking, broking, life and general insurance, mutual funds, and of course Merchant banking. We are considering taking a 5% stake in a stock exchange, if our regulator permits.

Chairman: Yes our MD has been saying if you are in financial services you should be in al the lines – so educational loans, car loans, infra loans, infra project consulting and financing, mortgages, truck loan, gold loan….

S: How will you build such a substantial business over the next 80 months…it takes 33 months to get approvals from regulator if you wish to change your bathroom tiles..?

C: See in our……………project we have decided to give all potential benefits. A person can come and buy a house in our complex for Rs. 3 crores. Towards this you will have to pay us Rs. 30,00,000 as down payment and Rs. 6 L per month as installment…

this 6L will include interest on the loan, unit linked insurance for Rs. 2.5 crores, school fees (our complex has a school you know!), a contribution of Rs. 2000 per month in the mutual fund – after all you will need this amount to maintain the house – once in 4 years. …

S: What if you are not able to sell all the flats…

C: ha ha ha…’real estate prices do not fall at all’ – do you not know this basic?

s: so you will lend against property too?

C: yes of course, but that will be to Multitech Builder’s clients only. The Multitech Group belongs to a friend…and Multitech Bank will lend to our flat buyers and thus we will not irritate the regulator….i presume…




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  1. You mean seriously??? After all the mess around the world still not ready to go !! PC talking about this shit now?

  2. (salaried employee, CA excellent in CV building) my goodness that is just nasty……

    As regards PC just wait for 3 months, you may get tax on everything, all the government companies sold to LIC & EPFO, Fiscal target over achieved by 3%, & yes a voluntary disclosure of income scheme for all the poor & unlucky souls who had to hide all the black income earned over last 10 years. All others mera bharat mahan.

  3. The bad thind is that the regulatory capital requirements might not prevent such fly by night wannabe bankers at all. However, i think the fin min will be prudent in exercising a judgemental call before granting such licenses..

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