For those people who want some resolutions regarding their health, but nothing to do with their weight!

1. I will have my breakfast regularly – every day – too many people have already told you the reasons, right? I will skip the reasons.

2. I will snack: Yes, but snack smartly. Fruits – apple, orange, banana, guava, we are a very rich country with an abundance of fruits, Vegetables – cucumber, tomato, carrot, beet, cauliflower, cabbage, onion, yellow pumpkin, capsicum, dry fruits – all of them. God what a range!

3. I will build some activity into my life: climbing stairs, taking public transport, playing a game, walking, running,….SOMETHING maybe for 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Not difficult is it?

4. I will say good things about my body. I love all parts of my body, and am proud of it. Say this to yourself every day. A positive mind is necessary for a positive body.

5. I will start a SIP today, will understand term insurance, and read every day. It helps to tweet, does it not?

6. I will spend some time in the sun and collect my free quota of Vitamin D. This sunshine will keep me positive.

7. I will get sensible amount of sleep. I also know that the BEST time to sleep is between 10pm and 2am. If I STILL do not follow it….sigh that is how I am …

8. I will add a lot of raw and cooked vegetables to my diet. I will create Meatless Mondays. I will not eat meat outside the house. I will not eat meat for dinner…..some thing to reduce meat, sugar, salt, maida, white polished rice,….all these help towards your health.

9. I will open an account with and track my eating and exercising. I agree with subra whatever is worth doing well is worth measuring. What gets measured gets done better. Virtuous circle.

10. I will track my earnings, savings, investments and financial goals too.

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  1. Instead of resolving to eat b/fast, it should be , I shall eat only when I am hungry.!!Further, please dont combine meat with white flour, sugar, cola etc..

  2. wish you subra a very very happy new year; thanks subra for all the eudcation you are providing thro your blog; pl keep writing; all the best to you,subra.

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