Funnily getting rich is about being skilled and being lucky – not either or.

How rich you are at the end of your life is a function of a few things:

a. How much you earn

b. How much you save / invest

c. How well your investment performs – and how well you let it perform

How much you earn of course is a matter of how well you did in your academics, what job you got, …etc. etc. – a separate topic altogether and to which discussion I cannot add much.

Then the following things have to happen:

you quickly know about regular investing, power of compounding, equities…etc. so that you know about wealth creating opportunities.

Herein lies the funny part.

Only when God wants you to benefit, do you really benefit. Kids in our office are in 3 categories:

a. those who already know what is SIP, compounding, etc. so they make an early start

b. those who hear all this and make a start…soon.

c. those who make a start…then get scared and STOP.

d. those who do not start at all.

I feel sad for those in the c and d categories – and they are many. I somehow think it requires God’s blessings for people not to be distracted by some stupid articles or television channels. However, they do have to accept the blame of making a mistake of not applying their minds…and therefore interrupting the power of compounding.


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  1. Thank You Subra.The Sooner they read Subra or “Retire Rich”..By cutting Rs 40 rs per day on Things they dont need …Better will be there Net worth in long term. SIMPLE ! THANK YOU for the Input Sir

  2. Sir, cant resist commenting, how so 100% true !. After missing long 10 years of my career, indeed because of Gods blessings, somehow i got promoted from d to c to b (thanks to you).

  3. Well in my case , i am definitely lucky…I belonged to a) category , I started investing in MFs from the first paycheck i got , at 22 and still continue..I also am an unofficial advisor to all my friends as well:)….as for skills , that is in the learning process:)

  4. Subra

    Where is the factor of risk. What if you would have been only doing a job and saving and investing smartly. Are not we getting into too secure region. Are not we pushing the young generation into a secure region and asking them not to take risk.

    Is it only one target of financial planners-save, invest smart and do not take risk.

  5. @prabee – luck has nothing to do with believing in god. it is just a sequence of events and circumstances and you being prepared for it. or in other words, being at the right place at the right place at the right time.

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