Actually this post is not about the Delhi Rape case at all. It is more about our mind set.

When we see an incident like the Delhi Rape Case or the School shooting in US, we get agitated and want a quick solution.

Typically if we see a ‘Delhi Fraud case’ or a ‘Mumbai cheating case’ we still do the same thing.

We are all angry, agitated and fuming. So we want punishment like castration, death by hanging, or what have you. That will prevent these 5 people from committing a rape again. Sorry, that does not help.

What needs to be done is some kind of a profiling of the rapists. Once the profiling is done, see where they were 20 years ago – and start counseling all the people who fit that profiling. If a man does not respect his wife, his children will not respect their mother. If they do not respect their mother, they will not respect their sister. So like everything else, charity, chastity, and good behavior start at home.

Take a Delhi fraud case or a Mumbai cheating case. We urge that the scamsters be punished. Immediately. Great. Till today not a paisa has been returned to the ‘investors’. Of course calling them investors is also stupid, but they claim to be one.

Solving the cheating case is far far more difficult than the rape case. There has to be a mass communication – and far far more important there has to be LEARNING. The investor has to accept RESPONSIBILITY for investing. In this case the girl was brutally attacked by 5 armed men, so his male friend was also rendered helpless. This is sheer bad situation where the girl was completely helpless. This kind of a situation happens to ‘investors’ too. Out of the 9000 listed companies, 8750 are below Rs. 200 crores market capitalisation – and NOT WORTH LOOKING AT. Stay away.

Out of the 5000 mutual fund schemes 4980 are NOT worth looking at. Stay away.

I am not trying to say that the anger is wrong. In fact if this anger can lead to a solution, at least it will protect half a billion women in India and many more around the world.

What I am trying to say is: Solutions are not so easy and quick. Requires tremendous patience, grassroot level interation, counseling, therapy, etc. Results will not be easy to measure. Nor will results be quick.

Good things in life take time to achieve. You can have ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but not ‘get wealthy quick’ schemes.

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  1. I disagree. Prosecution is the best way to avoid such incidence in future. Reality is rape case goes on in court for years. That sets a bad precedent. The criminals get emboldened because of this.
    So faster judiciary process will certainly help. Witnesses should come forward to help. Also, common people should be vigilant.

  2. I am disappointed with such blanket statements
    “Out of the 5000 mutual fund schemes 4980 are NOT worth looking at. Stay away.”
    I agree that you just have to take 3 consistently performing mutual funds. But saying only 20 funds are good is incorrect.
    I think Subra sir comes across only dumb investors who cannot analyze performance of a mutual fund and its mandate.

  3. Sanjay heard of ‘hyperbole’ – that is what Subra is using when he says 20/5000. Neither 20 nor 5000 should be taken literally. Subra also knows that out of 5k funds 1000 could be FMPs which are closed.

    And i do not see anywhere him saying Rapists should not be prosecuted (excuse me if i missed it). I am assuming both the Sanjays are the same….He is just saying that the solutions are far mor difficult than just standing at India Gate with posters.

  4. Remember 80:20 principle- we can do some things immediately- like having fast tracked court for rape charges, fast tracked court for all the politicians with criminal charges. We all are dead in long term. Lets not keep everything for long term.

  5. Sir, Completely agree… Buh wen we know in India …we have seeen loong goin cases… the so called time taken foh solutions and judgement and also the patience … all leads no where.. at the end No justice. After having seen these enough, its better to have quick and “put an end” solution. How sure are we if such investigations and counselling would ever take place. Rather corruption at each level may even render these 5 accused ..out ..either would run away or bribe n get away… Cannot have more patience!!!!

  6. Nobody is saying protesting in india gate will solve the problem instantaneously. But it is necessary to make deaf govt to hear peoples voice. A start is needed.

  7. The problem is we will not learn from the mistakes weather it is Delhi case or a fraud case,because as I keep saying the deterrent to the crime is very very miniscule. Somehow, we keep forgetting the basics,

    Chanakya – kautilya niti has given most of the solutions hundreds of years back but we will not learn anything from it.but we will worship people who have learned from these scriptures because they are whites, this just goes back in our genes so deep that you will not notice we are doing anything wrong…

    I am sorry to say we are not going to change nothing will change & things will go back to normal ,because “more things change the more they remain the same” applies to India more than most of the countries….

  8. We are so angry and vocal with this unfortunate ‘rape’ event because, luckily, most of us still have not got used to this and are do not think we can/ we wish to do it.

    On the contarary, we cannot be so angry and vocal in coruption cases as we ourselves are curropt and have hence lost the moral ground to do so.

    I plead every one to start saying wrong, A WRONG, irrespective of its size and implications –before we become used to RAPES – and start calling it a routine affair. Even routine wrong things like throwing garbage, urinating along walls, spitting, eve teasing should be opposed in the strongest words.

    Only if we as a society start calling wrong –A WRONG, and right , A RIGHT, we see a light of hope.

  9. Subra,

    sorry to say but you are the only person talking nonsense in this article like comparing cheating crime with the rape crime…

    I pray to god that something like this do not happen with your beloved sister or daughter

    please see the world outside finance…after-all everything in life is not comes in the form of stock dividends and returns

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