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What happens in a marriage where the husband is unable to provide the basic comforts – when the father was providing super comforts?

Well i have seen cases where the girl herself loses respect for the husband. She finds some excuse to stay with the parents rather than stay with her husband! It might be a job related excuse or a ‘I need my mom to look after the baby’ kinda excuse…

This then leads to the girls family (esp her own father) lose respect for the son in law. Obviously at family functions the outsiders can see the poor treatment being meted out to the son in law and his family members. The girl of course pretends (it suits her does it not) that things are fine…

I know of cases where the girls brother avoids the sister (and the brother in law) – simply because he sees the brother in  law as a leech…

God this just goes on and on..

What is all this doing on a finance blog?

Frankly, it is a cruel world which judges people by how well educated they are, how much they earn, how good they look…..a few people try to create their own rules..but all are not that lucky, right?

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  1. Very True. No wonder Kolywood, Tollywood , Bollywood & Sandalwood has had numerous movies based on this plot ! Not to talk of mid day Soaps on TV !!

  2. What about the super jealous – not so well off – son in law who mistreats his in-laws, demands money / attention like a spoilt brat.

  3. But Subra, you haven’t answered your own question:
    “What is all this doing on a finance blog?” 🙂

    No doubt the theme is relevant and practical.
    There’s no real ‘solution’, except perhaps that the guy either wins a lottery, or becomes a ghar-jamai (which may not be such a bad thing either !)

    But in both these cases, it would be easy-money coming in for the guy.
    And he will probably never really live up to his wife’s expectations after the euphoria of their love-marriage has worn off !

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