I know we are all normal people, we meet normal people, we think all people around us are good….right?

Sadly I deal with money. When it comes to money I have seen the following:

a) Elder daughter CHEATING a father off all his savings and house so that she could use the money as a down payment. Younger sister supporting father staying in a old age home.

b) Elder brother saying ‘it is the parents duty to pay for exam fees why should I’ after father died. Mother extremely hurt but cannot do anything – emotionally feels cannot say this in public.

c) ‘dad my wedding has to be as grand as my elder sister’s’ – the younger daughter FORCING a parent to spend far beyond his means AT A TIME when his business is floundering. Girl from UP and boy from TN, love marriage. Parent told me this.

d) nephew looking after an uncle withdrew an extra Rs. 4 lakhs over a 6 year period from the ATM. Would draw 5k twice from the ATM – give one and keep the other. Came to light when the old man’s diary was reconciled with the bank statement.

e) one sister stopping the other sister from attending OWN mother’s funeral.

f) One brother producing a FAKE will to have a flat transferred to himself – trying to over ride the nomination already made with the building society.

…..the list goes on.

MORAL of the story:

When it comes to money, people fight. Does not matter whether it is Rs. 5000 crores like the Birlas or Rs. 50,000 crores like the Ambanis….

communicate, communicate, communicate,………….write, document, nominate, get a will registered…….be careful that is all….


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  1. The positive momentum is gonna to go away within few weeks/months.

    Whatever said and done, domestic mutual funds withdraw 45k – 50k from Indian stock markets and it is only the FII who are investing. Chidambaram historically believes to measure the economy’s growth using nifty levels. So he must be happy.

    Yes, we are tired of predicting as the government machinery is fully supporting the unethical business practices, real estate bubble etc etc. But there is a limit to everything. Whatever you can control within your control you can manage, but India has reached a point where we can no longer stage manage certain things.

    1. Real Estate price is not international. It is within India you can manage. You don’t want to regulate. You don’t want to prick the bubble. Let it be. We will come to this later.

    2. Gold price is international. You cannot control. Now shamelessly Government is asking people to stop buying gold and note here it is the only instrument which withstands the government fueled inflation assault. Not only government is asking, even they put pressure on RBI officials to ask people not to buy gold. Poor RBI fellows!. They forget basic economics and dance to the tune of government.

    3. Rupee conversion rate. If huge money is stuck and hoarded in real estate. Every company is investing in real estate where is the real money to do real business? Now, a stage will come where everybody will think it is better to buy some flats and need not do any other business. This has come already. I saw in a kirana shop in addition to prices of dal and oil they have put prices of houses also ! ROFL!. Coming back to the point, the Rupee value nosedived to 55 now. This inspite of artifical euphoria about the ‘so called reforms’ act of selling money making business to foreigners.

    4. The export sector will get a beating only due to inflation effects mark by words. Rupee can easily touch 60 and above. Whatever election games played by Government they cannot control gold price, Currency etc. That will cause doom to this comedy.

    5. Reserve bank may cut rates. And I am wondering if the government and RBI is making unnecessary noises about cutting rates ( cheap money) how the hell the inflation will come down? Do we all forgot basic economics?

    6. I wonder now every business leader and stock market operator is predicting that the economy is bottoming out. What is the evidence Mr? It is going down and it is gonna to accelerate See the IT companies. They have managed their balance sheets for couple of quarters now they cannot continue that. Some skeletons will tumble out soon. Other industries will follow.

    7. If govt stop playing in interest rates, banks also will face the music. There will be times where government will be made to stop playing in interest rates and the time is very near due to Rupee conversion and all.


    If US recovers, FII will pull out the money and run out of sinking ship India that will cause a massive crash in indian stock markets.

    Wave counts also indicates the top is very near.

  2. Subra, what you have written is truly shocking. Why don’t these people grasp that if they do such things to their parents , their children will see it and one day do the same to them ( or will do the same to them if there is any justice in this world). I can understand distant relatives( uncle/cousin/nephew) cheating, but daughter cheating a father ? Dear God ….

  3. Read somewhere that a female in the Mafatlal family underwent sex change operation to claim the family property.
    It was a bitter feud…. son/ daughter/ mother all against each other.

  4. 4 years ago I had casually asked an uncle to tell us how much a family-owned plot would be worth. “Oh! Plot is good, good residential locality, near main road, 1 cr. for sure”)

    After 3 months, he came and spoke to my widowed mum, “I think your son wanted to sell that property of yours. You haven’t built anything on the property in 15 years. It is the only empty plot in that street. Unsafe for you to hold it, and someone might take over the land… So sell it to me for 30 lakhs, I will see what I can do with it.”

    This same uncle helped us get a ration card few years ago, recently got my mum’s signature on a blank paper for ration card renewal. I was worried when I heard about this, as its confusing because that person has helped us out a bit in the past, and I doubt he’d do anything illegal. But then, the future cannot be accurately predicted based on past experiences!

  5. Surprising that cheating by family still makes us wonder,

    Above examples are extreme, but what would you say about the insurance policy which was sold to you by relatives.

    It is quite prevalent, the only cure is to be aware & learn to say no in the nicest possible way

  6. “One can only stab you if he is less than at arm’s length.” So do not wonder, You can be robbed by un known but You will be cheated only by Near and Dears.

  7. nice post and nice comments shared by others

    but that is just a natural progression of the materialistic society where your value and respect is only measured in terms of your net worth, the number of houses you own, the cars you drive and not by how kind and helpful you and what you do selflessly for others. it is also what we learn gradually from the west where even the children abuse their parents and grudgingly visit their parents once a year on Christmas and complain about what a waste of time it is.

  8. God created THINGS to use & PEOPLE to LOVE
    but we are LOVING the THINGS & USING the PEOPLE

    – a gud dialogue from a movie

  9. I think it is better to be stabbed at the front than behind one’s back.It is good trust our loved ones but we must not trust blindly.

  10. Sir,
    I am having this problem that some has got my Coustomer Id and they are creating OTP (one time password) at my netbanking, using my cust id. I had blocked my netbanking and debit card.
    Now i want to use the netbanking but with new cust id as this old one might create problem again in future. but bank is not issuing new cust id as they are saying this accoun can have only one and that old cust id.
    Pls suggest as i am not getting any solution.

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