Over the last 3-4 years of writing, people have called me cynical and suspicious.

Honestly I do not have the energy or willingness to attack that label or defend that label. Frankly it does not matter…however let me clarify that there is not a single incident which I have written about, UNLESS I KNOW that it has happened.

Let me tell you a few more:

a. A friend who had invested in a child plan got a statement where the FATHER’S NAME of the kid got changed. My friend is a very very senior banker, and the other person whose name appeared as ‘father’ is ALSO a senior banker, with the same bank. My friend called me and said ‘Arre Subra even if it is so….how did the AmC find out?’. LOL. The funny thing is the person whose name appeared as the ‘father’ had no account with the amc.

b. If you are Chetna Parmar married to a Rajiv Bakshi…chances are your policy will be in the name of Chetna Parmar Bakshi. However your receipt can come in the following combination of names:

  • Chetna Parmar Bakshi
  • Chetna Parmar
  • Chetna Parmar Rajiv
  • Prerna Bakshi

Why? No clue. Why Prerna Bakshi ….”Sorry sir, shit happened”.

3. Sorry Sir your critical health care covers only heart attack arising from a pain in the stomach it does not include heart attack arising from pain in the shoulder.

4.” Sorry Mr. P you have no investments in any other fund scheme. You have only invested in 3 schemes.”

“But Subra says he FORCED me to invest in your balanced fund also – and he swears by it”.

“Sorry sir, you have Rs. 24, 35, 600 in our balanced fund”………hmmm

5. Sorry sir you will have to go through the inconvenience. However, one tip sir, IF YOU INVEST THROUGH OUR BANK…YOU WILL NOT HAVE SUCH signature issues in future.

6. Sir your ULIPs are now 4 years old, and the NAV has gone up….please BOOK YOUR PROFITS and buy new ones at a lower NAV.

7. “Sorry Sir….we cannot pay the claim It is a pre existing illness which caused the death”. Ombudsman forced the payment….search on the blog I have posted the story…amazing story.

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant and trained as a Lawyer, I have a duty and right to be cynical. The space in which I am it makes sense to be suspicious…I have seen cases where clients have been made run from pillar to post…REALLY there is nobody to talk for the customer who is told quite often….’Customer is king’ . What a Joke.

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  1. Hello Subra,

    Surely people from Insurance companies must be calling you with that title. They want their customer to be illiterate and don’t like people such as you who tell the truth and uncover them.

    Thank you for all your articles of type “Customers beware”


  2. Went to a branch of a private bank to update savings account address. It seems he is about to leave and said a lot of new which (I am sure) are not required. Nxt day went to a different branch and the process was done in 5 mins!!!!!

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