Doctors if you work hard, should your business and money work as hard as you do?
This book will help you do this!

Doctors study and train hard however their training does not teach them anything about earning and managing money. Money managing is simple, but it has to be learnt. This book will help the doctor grow his profession and make it a bankable business. It will help him make the move from working hard to making his money also work hard. An attempt is being made to help the doctor understand the steps to take to get wealthy, not just remain rich!

Doctors earn well and save well. Here is an attempt to help them make their money work harder. Most of the book is about the basics – like investment basics, managed funds, direct investing, risk reduction, etc. As long as doctors keep away from dangerous products in the financial space, they should be fine.
Doctors are also chased by advisors – and most of them never ask you to INVEST in your OWN practice..ever wondered why? This book will answer such questions.

The book is all about important strategies to grow rich and stay rich. The journey from being rich to being wealthy, requires understanding how money works. This book will take you through all the asset classes like cash, debt instruments, business real estate, residential real estate, mutual funds, life insurance, etc. These are dynamic concepts and updates can be found at
You will have to read this book and apply it. It is just the prescription – you and only you can make it work!
This book is meant to equip doctors to understand the basics of finance and to have meaning dealings with the financial world – of mutual funds, life insurance, financial advisors, bankers etc.

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  1. Nice post sir! My co-brother and sister-in-law are doctors and doing well in their profession. I sent this post to them and it should do them a world of good 🙂

  2. Hello Subra,

    Looking forward..

    Let me know when this book is available. Wish to buy one for my sister-in-law.



  3. A similar book ‘Financial Planning for Doctors’ by Amar Pandit was given as a gift by a pharma company to doctors. Less than 5% of doctors have taken the time to go through it and less than that to put into practice what they read.

  4. What can a person do Vinod? You can write a book, write a blog, give lectures – all this is ‘Saraswati’ or knowledge. However you need a Guru to teach you why all this is necessary. This means you need the blessings of Hanuman. After this you need the blessings of Parvati (Uma) the Goddess of wisdom. Sadly doctors are not really famous for their FINANCIAL WISDOM, are they? So Amar Pandit, Subra, etc can only do the Saraswati function. Sure you can find somebody to do the Hanuman role too, but Wisdom is not so common, right?

  5. If you aren’t going to be published, why not give it away for free on your blog. You can build a mailing list and profit from it.

  6. Yeah, Why can’t publish it as a eBook?

    One big problem is Piracy. It will be available quickly after after you sell the first few copies.

  7. Please consider ebooks versions of your books at low rates like Rs 99, etc. and available via some self-publishing system. You may want to contact Flipkart, etc and see if they are interested in helping you with this.

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