Let us look at some brilliant, time tested investment tips which is very easy for me to blog. If I say this on TV it would be even greater. I would look brilliant.

the question is how the ……..will you use it?

1. Buy Low and Sell High

2. Be Greedy when the others are in Fear and have Fear when others are Greedy.

3. Investing is for the long term. Thank you goddamit what is long term? 2 weeks? 3 years? 10 years? 22 years? – ek number to bolo!!!

4. Read the prospectus before you invest. Tch Tch…and do what? it is written in such sick language that it is not worth the paper it is printed on…

5. Understand a balance sheet before you invest in that company. Yuck.

However here are some good things to learn from the pundits –

1. There is no qualification to be a market expert. People who have been in  the capital market are called there. Simple.

2. Most of the times the questions (and therefore the answers) are absolutely correct, and completely useless.

3. Sadly there is no website which will tell you the accuracy level or the frequency of visits.

4. Biocon appears more on TV as compared to Colgate and Coromandel International. Ask the shareholders about who is happier.




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  1. 4. Read the prospectus before you invest. Tch Tch…and do what? it is written in such sick language that it is not worth the paper it is printed on… – This is a gem! Most of what is written in the prospectus appears Gibberish in some language which has probably been not spoken in todays world!

  2. Hi Subra and other seniors,

    I have a question. If i want to learn equity investing, like how to evaluate a stock to invest for long term, is there a course or training? I have been reading financial news papers, magazines and blogs, but finding it tough to get a holistic picture how to do it. A lot of case the analysis need us to feed expected numbers, and as we change those numbers we get different pictures, so i would know whether it is possible to learn from someone in the industry how they really do it.


  3. my piece,

    read ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham. make notes in a diary. follow to the T. Hand over everything else to the raddiwala, turn off the TV and go hiking

  4. People need to know one simple piece of advice before they do anything else : “Know yourself , your goals , your risk capacity. Then make a plan to invest , whether it be in real estate or bonds or the stock market or your own business”

  5. Good post, except for the last line but thats typcial subramoney:-) Points to ponder:
    1. How old is a Biocon vs a Coromandel/Colgate?
    2. I do see HDFC guys come on TV often! Wonder how their shareholders feel?

  6. it is the sales guys who come to create a brand image – Hdfc has a retail product, so the end customer seeing them is imp. Not true for Biocon and LnT.

    So is the guy coming to boost sales or boost cv is the Q to ask. I am happy with my portfolio, u can analyze results based on age.

  7. I am a regular reader of Subramoney. I have stocks like Cummins India, ITC, Pidilite,
    TCS, Lupin Pharma, HDFC Bank and Titan Industries in my portfolio. I started reading up about Coromandel International and the Murugappa group in the last
    one year after I found it mentioned frequently in your blog. I was waiting to buy
    it for the long term (I never sell my stocks!) – I have bought 2000 shares at Rs 215
    yesterday and am planning to buy further if it goes down further. United Phosphorus and Rallis India were the only fertilizer stocks I had heard of before. Thank you very much for introducing me to this stock ! Vinod.

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