It may sound odd, but being fit is a state of mind. It also differs from person to person, country to country, …and the answers are always different.

Let us see what it is  and what it is not!

a. It surely does not mean you should look like those models who are paid to have that macho but half starved looks!

b. It surely is about not having to take sick leave from office. If you are fit enough to say ‘I did not take any sick leave in the past 5 years’ and you are above 50 years of age, you are there already!

c. If you are a man you must have glanced at those buttox filled boys with ripped muscles, abs, and if you are a woman, you would have glanced at those stunning – machine corrected – women! Well that is surely not fitness.


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  1. Spot on Subra… (correct) fitness consciousness is the need of the hour. Lest we forget, good health is a very strong foundation of wealth.

    One thing the mainstream media doesn’t tell us is that the current lifestyle of chasing your ‘dreams’ itself contributes significantly to poor health. By being in a constant state of ‘wanting’ this and that, our minds are conditioned to be ‘unsatisfied’ with the current state of being and enjoying it. With the mind in an unhealthy state, the body cannot be healthy.

  2. i think moderation in everything keeps you healthy.that is why long distance runners are frequently needs strong discipline not to overdo long distance running or strength training or yoga or whatever diet is working wonders for you.
    i’d paraphrase charvaka ‘hitabhuk,mitabhuk,ritabhuk’ .20-30 minutes of exercise should keep everyone healthy.
    the hardest part is to be consistently disciplined.

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