This is for those people who have read the book…

a. What more would you expect in a retirement book?

b. what changes do you want?

c. if i were to come out with the next edition…what more should be included?

please reply soon…….it will be well appreciated….thanks.

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  1. Here is my wish list:

    1. elaboration on post-retirement strategies. Laddered annuities, how to balance debt and equity etc.

    2. detailed calculator in a CD. You could them removes the bit on using excel for corpus calculation. I didn’t find it useful.

    3. uncertainties in a retirement calculation and how to prepare oneself for this (some Monte Carlo?)

    4. A chapter for pensioners to help their corpus last longer (at least a little longer).

  2. Would like to include one simple idea (not sure howfar relevant interms of retirement, but I feel helpful.

    Good to have a PPF account for every job holder also..

    Purpose: I know few friends, who have funds struck in EPF for mainly 2 reasons.
    1. Small company and stopped operations because of recession or some other reason. Applying EPF transfer or withdrawl is tough at later stages.
    2. Settled in onsite/ in onsite for longterm project – Better withdraw and deposit in PPF.

  3. detailed calculator in a CD not happening, but will say good calculators are available online, and specifically look at this professor’s site….

    Monte Carlo, NO. That concept is good only within the 4 walls of academics. I have no issues writing about this on my blog, but not in my book.

    pensioners to make the corpus last longer…? tough. Either a person lives too frugally and leaves behind too much, or spends too much and lives on alms….very tough balancing the 2. Most people feel good not spending and leaving more….so to each his own

  4. 1) Personal finance calculators (formuale) and how to put them to use.
    2) Portfolio re-balancing, tips n tricks
    3) How to find out if one is in financial trouble. (Many people dont realise how deep crap they are in, till it is too late) and ways to come out of it.

    I’ll post additional comments if I think about any additional points.

  5. Although a book on retirement would focus more on people in their 40’s and 50’s, I would like you to include a chapter for young investors (25-35) – what should they do for retirement apart from saving money for all the various goals.

    I am sure many of your readers are in the young age group too. 🙂

  6. Even I would request an e-book version for this. It would also increase the audience and not restrict it only to people who are in India (the NRIs) .. and on that topic maybe some the new edition could also include some tips for NRIs on investments in India.

  7. A chapter on direct equity investing ?! I know, it is for retirement book, but direct equity investing via various routes – online / offline, understanding trends, value and dividend investing.

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