There is no ONE way of building a retirement corpus! Retirement planning is almost like a religion, there are many sects, sub sects, protestants and of course there are the atheists….

Here is one method which has worked very well for a friend. However let me add that he is a brilliant stock picker, has a lot of time, is a brilliant businessman, tremendously gutsy, rich family, CA….and this is what he did.

Starting out sometime in 1980 (he was impressed with Value investing) he has been buying equity shares for good yields. That is the reason why he has (had) shares like VIP, Cable Corporation, Apollo Hospital, Gsfc, Gnfc, Tata Power, Hdfc, Cholamandalam, Sundaram Finance, EiD Parry, Coromandel,……..all these shares at some stage were excellent dividend yield shares.

To give an example he had bought 12000 shares of Tata Power at Rs. 100, still holds about 8000 shares. Sold a few shares in 2007…to buy something else.

He kept reshuffling his portfolio – he threw away shares that did not fit into his criteria of being GOOD DIVIDEND YIELD SHARES based on his cost. He exited Apollo Hospitals because it was not a dividend yield share based on its CURRENT MARKET PRICE. He said ‘I do not care about the market price…as long as the dividends are enough to cover OUR retirement expense’. I think he took a far more sensible portfolio view. I do not wish to get into specifics….but over the past 32 years he has invested ALL HIS DIVIDENDS back into the portfolio.

Frankly he has enough money in that account alone…to retire tomorrow..but I expect him to continue re-investing the dividends for at least another 8-13 years…and THAT will leave him with a HUGE dividend income. He has reinvested the dividends into the shares FROM WHERE HE HAS GOT the dividend. His IRR is a stunning 24 % p.a. – and it is supposed to be a dividend yield portfolio!

Caveat: the fact that this guy is an equity market expert, a CA, comes from a family of business people, has a fantastic broker, ….IF YOU HAVE ALL (Repeat ALL) THEN and ONLY then should you try these things, otherwise you will be hurt badly)……..

REMEMBER MY EXAMPLES ARE ABOUT EXPERTS WITH SO MUCH SURPLUS that they can afford Rs. 10 crore MISTAKES. Such strategies may not work for all of us…….

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  1. Quick question. Why present such examples when you know that common folks do not have the luxury of having ALL the factors identified for the success to try replicating it?

  2. 10 crore mistakes!!

    Subra for the majority of the readers here, such mistake will result in being chased by the underworld dons :)..

    But yet its inspiring.. IRR is an interesting concept indeed..
    I am hopeful that such time is around the corners where div yield will shoot up due to a fall in stock prices…

  3. Rajesh

    Why do you assume that only ‘common folks’ read my blog? Last week somebody asked me for a portfolio allocation among equity funds for, er, a small amount of Rs. 1.5 crores with a 20 year time frame. Not common ?

  4. Well Investing for retirement you kill yourself everyday as it goes into the background everyday that someday you will be retired and needs this Much.

    i have some points

    1 how can one guarantee that a company having solid dividend history will grow and not commit mistake , apple is paying dividend for the first time in history and Hcl may sell his business to lenovo and worse the new govt cancels the license of a Mobile operator and make stock at the same value 5 years before example airtel

    one should not blindly invest if your future depends on it

    2 remember “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered”

    3 a individual investor is up against the strong policy making and greedy FII and DII and they can make your stock crash like a star and in no time you can loose your faith and hard earned money in few seconds

    4 dont have too much expectations from your stocks they are not your family

    5 remember money has a value and its value can become zero yes zero , i remember some stories in German hyper inflation where people carried money in wheelbarrows for buying stuffs

    dont depend on one asset class spread your wings you can fly

    ” if you need protein in diet you should not eat only chicken there are many food having protein open your eyes and look for options “

  5. Congratulations. Hats off.

    Quite brilliant. The only difficulty I foresee is buying the scrip at current price when you’ve once paid IPO price.

    I’m lazier– I’d use the portfolios of dividend yield funds to screen first.

    I protest, mildly, against DII and FII labelled greedy. They’re doing their job.

  6. The best thing that I like about blogs is to read the comments. The more comments that I read on websites, magazines, etc. the more I am convinced that like Subra says ‘making money is about common sense, and a degree of skepticism’ Thanks. Also thanks to your provoking ideas that makes us think. At the bank where I work i am not allowed to think, only sell.

  7. Seems like I should go for Equity Research as my career option in order to ensure a healthy post retirement life ! Hehe

  8. If I had enough money to make a 10 crore mistake, I will retire immediately! What more do I need to plan for? My next 7 generations? Why do they deserve to get everything on a platter? Guys with more than 50 crores in their kitty should be banned from simply trading for a living – they need to invest & build a full business.

  9. Have been reading this blog for sometime and really find very informative. I have been working out of India for more than 12 years and all the while have been enjoying my job except last 2-3 years. Have been thinking of returning to India in 2014 and do something which I would enjoy without worrying about monthly pay cheque, kind of early retirement at 44. I am trying to find answers to some of my questions before I return back to India:
    1) Is Rs.30,000 pm enough for family of 2 (mid class lifestyle) with fully paid house in a metro city and no other financial obligation?
    2) If someone planning to retire at 44, how much retirement corpus he should have considering he and his dependent has another 35 years to live after retirement?

  10. Hi R2i,
    I have gone through the same thoughts as you are going through. I had asked my friends about their expenses and lifestyle etc. Here are my thoughts. 30K looks small for a 44 years old. If you really retire you need things to do and that will take money. Having spent time abroad you will be inclined to live a good life. A movie show for 2 can cost you close to 1000 in most places and in some places it may be even more. A meal in a good restaurant will cost you not less than 1500. Also, remember that medical expenses are quite high these days. You may take insurance but they do not cover many things including cost of regular medicines. Thus I’ll suggest you need to double that amount. For spending 60000 on a sustainable basis (inflation will mean you will need much more in the future) you will need about 2 Crore considering 3% spend per year. You mat have heard about the 4% rule which they use commonly in the West. Here in India we probably can go only upto 3& as our inflation is quite high.

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