Actually there are many things that you need to know about the equity markets, but here are a few….

a. Investors make money: Yes, it is the investors who can make money in the equity markets. Very difficult for traders to make sensible money especially over very long periods of time.

b. Even Investors make money only OVER very long periods of time: We all know that markets fluctuate. However over very long periods of time, you can make money.

c. Returns depend on starting point: for those people who bought at the peak of the Harshad scam or the Ketan Parekh scam or even the 2008 fall…..even if you bought blue chips, they were also over priced!

4. Volatility is a fact, accept it when you run a portfolio….

….will write more, first learn this……


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  1. Yes you are right sir…Main thing in stock market is patience and due to frequent fluctuation many loose their interest and confidence both the Investors and Traders..But from my point of view Traders have more chance comparing than Investors to make good profit from Intraday..The only thing to do is to wait for an right opportunity to do a intraday trade..

  2. yes Vandhana correct, when I was a broker, I always used to tell this. Traders are surely more profitable for the broker than the investor can ever be.

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