Well this is not really about me quitting teaching, but somebody else.

However I also quit teaching after teaching for just 20 hours in an MBA school. I vowed that I will NEVER go back to that school. Then I said I will never go back to teaching a full course. A single lecture is fine, a term is a pain.

School teachers – I have no clue how many of them do so by choice. 

Our middle class parents will go to any length to tell lies to the kids – and laugh when they have ‘cheated’ the teacher. 

‘He/she cannot get a job anywhere so he/she is a teacher’ say the parents and expect the kid to respect the teacher. L O L.

Well read on…here is what an American teacher has to say:


if US is treating its teachers like this, Mera Bharat Mahan.

ha yes…I have quit teaching…for good, thanks…..

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  1. Venkatraman Pichumani

    I have done a stint as a Professor for MBA students and decided not to do it again..The students did not care for what I taught since they felt they were going to get a plum job anyways

  2. In my case I taught in 2 places…one was a real big name MBA institute in the Western Suburbs. They were interested to know who from the BFSI space I could bring for RECRUITMENT – and all of them wanted to be a fund manager.

    The second institute wanted to show how good they were and could get profs from the industry. Students were interested in the attendance.

    I quit teaching. I still do TRAINING, but gave up teaching.

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