This post is a result of a lot of feedback.

It is easy to sit and criticise. India is dirty, there is no infra, women are treated badly, corruption…

We all know that. The generation born in the 1930s, right up till the 2000s have surely failed us.

We have a choice – crib or do something about it. Let us in our own small way create islands of cleanliness around us. Let us take responsibility for OUR own status. Let us keep the nullah / gutter near our house clean. Let us not throw waste on the road. Let us take trouble to educate the children of the people who work with us.

Let us convince parents that kids can have a love marriage even if their caste, creed, communities are different. Even if their horoscopes do not match.

We have a lot of power – the simple power of ONE. is such a power of ONE – Balaji and helped by Chandra Anil. started as a small organisation. It now feeds a MILLION children. This is not small. is currently in 600 villages teaching the kids basic Rs. They need money to take it to 1000 villages. needs money to feed 4 million kids. We have so much poverty – visit their website and see the stories. Imagine a parent having to tell a kid ‘I agree akshayaptra will give you food, but darling we do not have money to buy the plate in which to eat it’ – How much more wretched can a person feel?

Mumbai city has ALM – Advanced Locality Management – where people have come together to keep their own locality clean. If all of us did that all over the country we would be a clean country.

My take is simple. Take a cause- what ever the cause – choose a geography – as small as possible, and work on that. It could be hygiene, health, educating a girl child,….do it for ONE year. Invest own time, friends time, ….etc. and see the impact. I am sure you will create an impact. Then decide on how much you want to grow it.







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  1. Subra,

    So true. I agree with you.

    You have too much sense and commonsense! Difficult to believe you grew up in Ghatkopar! 🙂

  2. Many people are doing like this and many too are serving the best which can be offered by them..Not only but many other small too has able to their level..As gone global through Internet they could reach maximum people its the real true.

  3. Hi SAM,
    You said “Difficult to believe you grew up in Ghatkopar!”. Is Ghatkopar famous for indifferent or cribbing people? Or is it famous for people who don’t have much commonsense?
    Just curious.

  4. There are many full time employees who are getting paid through tax payers money only to take care of garbage, water & electric supply are miserably failing and am surprised that no one talks or apply pressure on these corporations a very purpose of their existance is to provide these services.

    We don’t see any protests and articles criticising these institutions to serve better. It is as if we accept their inefficiencies, poor performance and planning. But then we are quick to blame the public to stand up to do better. I am wary of this ‘shut-up’ advocacy and cornering common man to do others jobs.

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