If you are a Value Investor – one of the best times to be buying is when everybody is writing you off.

So if the power failure in north India was bad, you should have seen the coverage by the international press! They made it look like..OMG this country wants to be a super power? they do not even have power…blah blah.

NY Times, the London press…..almost all the gora publications went hammer and tongs. One guy wrote ‘Now India will be downgraded in its ratings and will SURELY lose its investment status’….

I spoke to FII broker and he said ‘India has fallen off the investing radar’ – look at the FII nos. some money has come in. However it was explained away saying ..oh they are keeping in line with the MSCI…that is all. Well not sure.

So if the Indian retail investor is withdrawing money, the FII money is not coming, ….etc. etc. These are all indicators that the MARKET has to fall…..

ONE THING i have learnt in the market is ‘You buy when everybody is selling…’

I am a buyer..I have been buying, but if an opportunity provides itself selling it and re-buying. Tata Motors, Bharti, Coromandel International (sell more than buy), ……shares which I do not mind owning..I have been trading, rather than pure investing.

If you are bullish about India (we have lesser subsidies than Europe and USA) .. just Index and relax!!

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  1. There is no doubt we do not have foreclosures, banking collapses, outsourcing, student loans, NPAs, loss of jobs and social security.

    We do have some of the wonderful companies be it banks, IT, Auto & Pharma. The FIIs money would chase these winners.

    However I recognise that our infrastructure constituting roads, power, garbage disposal and water supply need to improve a lot. In the BRICS, we would figure out low at the moment and once we improve on this front, there would not be any stopping.

    Nevertheless such a development is at the mercy of our governance/babus/politics which so far has very poor record.

  2. All the Gora Publication has one lense to see all …they think no power in a 40 C heat is like …death in a desert. Like we live because they invented the A.C.’s 🙂

    Was really funny reading all that Bull-s.

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