Well well you really cannot be stress free, but here is a very interesting list of things which helps de-stress. Or so say the experts.

1. Accept things: the carpenter not coming on time, the plumber coming after a day or your kids behavior….or anything that causes stress is outside your body. You really cannot do anything except alter your expectations.

2. De clutter: your house, wardrobe, desk, mind, cell phone,….clutter clutters your mind.

3. Get a hobby: Could be anything that you love or at least like. For me it is cycling, and running. Choose your poison and make sure you enjoy it.

4. Music, and Reading are also de-stressing. Ben Greenfield says good classical music makes the brain grow calmer and better. He recommends that even to sportsmen. Again choose your poison!

5. Attending funerals is supposed to de stress you by making you accept that funerals, marriages, childbirth….are all part of the life cycle. It is supposed to prepare you for the departure of near and dear ones, which is inevitable.

well there may be more…but 5 is what people remember at a time…:-)

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  1. Couple of more:
    1) Visit a mental asylum for a day. You will thank God that you are visitor and not resident
    2) Help others specially who are more stressed than you are. You will realize you are not the only one stressed in this life and feel happy that you have lesser stress.
    3) Visit cemetery and stay there for 2-3 hrs. See people come, people cry and then people leave to lead the life back. This makes one realize that life is a circle and we just run around the circle with stress being one Spock of the wheel.
    This comment is turning spiritual but it all helps. First hand experience!

  2. I also realized the 5th point when I attended my life’s first funeral of my father-in-law. Life is too short to keep -ve things in mind..

    One should live life fullest and enjoy every moment.

    Even if you crib a situation today… after few years.. you’ll miss those moments… Like I had a friend to whom I didnt like is past.. But now we are at 2 distant locations and havn’t seen him for many years.. and I miss him..

  3. lost track…but I have attended about 150 funerals…takes the fear out of death.

    – about 5-7 younger than me…other funerals of people older than me. Surely takes away the fear of death, and realisation that funerals are just like a birthday, marriage….etc.

    i did not even do this as a part of a ‘de-stressing’ exercise..it just happened that way. Then I read somewhere that it is destressing…

  4. Get close to nature, BNHS, tree appreciation walk, whatever– Bby has so much..if that giant Banyan tree can fall, one day so will you– very humbling.

  5. Good points, here are a couple of things that I do to de-stress:

    1. Have to-do lists for day to day work. The stress of having to remember to do things reduces significantly if to-do lists are practiced as a matter of habit.

    2. I substitute books about cosmology for attending funerals 🙂 It might sound weird, but point to the relative insignificance of our mortal existence, I guess…


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