i have a core portfolio – and a small trading portfolio. The amount allocated to the trading portfolio has not changed in the past 4-5 years. Take a bow, Ratan Tata, Tata Motors back to the Jewel position in your crown…

In the recent past i had added Tata Motors (dvr), Cholamandalam Investment, Divis (a rare pharma scrip)…and at the same time considered but did not buy Sterling Holiday Resort, Mahindra Holiday Resorts, more Hero Honda (now Hero Motors), but did not buy.

Considered IDBI bank at 130…bought traded, sold…then got worried about performance and NPA. Happy to have sold – will wait for the next couple of quarters for the Npa to surface. A couple of other PSU banks also similar issues. In financial services will continue to stay invested in Hdfc, Hdfc bank, Cholamandalam – in my core portfolio..

Only psu i like has always been Ntpc..but now Nhpc looks good at 20…decent dividend yield…happy to have added Coal India at 310…it was a well priced issue at Rs. 300, so thought it a good buy when the market was panicking.

SOLD Coromandel Fertilisers and EiD parry (confusing fertiliser and sugar policies, but now at lower prices both may be worth buying back…but no call yet..still waiting for a buy signal. Considered RS Software – was not sure about the trading volumes and regularity…so did not do it. Still bullish on Oracle and TCS – the falling rupee helping them…

Still looking, adding, selling…adding more than selling..for sure. Not enough of screaming value buys though!

What returns am I looking for? am i buying because the market is going to run up? No clue whether it will happen.

The question I am asking are the following:

– is it a simple strategy

– is the downside risk limited to about 25% of the portfolio (fresh investments)

– can i handle the risk

– by 2017 will the index see 30,000 on the upside?

my answer to all the questions is YES.

I am not able to source good debt deals – 10.75% p.a. is what I got for a great company…and not willing to INCREASE my risk (luck?) beyond that.

A big broking house offered me debentures with yields of 15.5%….and I said….!!!

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  1. Many people dont believe that sensex can go beyond 30000. when even fixed deposit can double in 8 years, why not sensex?

  2. mira d because colgate, gillette, png, hul, itc, …look expensive even though i already have it..no big Indian fmcg though

  3. Sir,
    Thank you for sharing your likings.I was using “Moneyworks4me” site (10 year x ray)to know whether a particular stock is fundamentally good or not?

    Could you share your view on this site http://www.Moneyworks4me.com.
    Is it worth taking subscription?

  4. Subra,

    I am very curious to know why you are bullish on Oracle. I see lot of TV pundits recommending tier -2 companies. If anyone wants to make serious money in Indian IT services space on a sustainable basis, he needs to stick to tier-1 companies. Even current out-of-favors like Infy -Wipro will make you more money than tier-2.

    Why oracle? Their IT services business is very poorly managed and has much lower margins than bigger player. They depended too long on a single client – Citigroup. They could not make much headway in services play with new clients.

    Their employee strength has been declining for past two years.

    Their product business at plateau stage. Please look at their close competitors like Temenos,, Misys for growth of this market.

    Their stock has hardly reached the high it touched in 2005.
    I will be interested in knowing what you are seeing in Oracle.

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