i do a post a day for sure…today I missed it, an absolutely no clue why.

actually i have 10-20 posts already done and a date put on them…just missed 3.april.

i was attending a bhoomi poojan of a builder friend…so did not check the blog too…

anyway the bhoomi pooja was good…

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  1. Hi Subra.Checked mail for atleast 4 times in a day .I am sure like me ,many of our readers must have missed it .What do u say fellow Respected Readers ?

  2. same here Milind.

    Had to go to back to posts like market timing myths and Joy of budgeting!!!


    bonus post solicited now 🙂

  3. Sir

    A f riend of mine wants to re-locate from USA to India
    He wants to know how to negotiate salary with prospective employers in India as he is not sure whether $ equivalent willnot be paid but which is the best way to compare existing dollor salary and future rupee salary

    I would like to know your expert comments

  4. Agree with you Milind. I would have checked the blog at least 5 times to see if there is a new post or not. Missed doing an important activity in my daily routine 🙂

  5. Subra,

    First thing in the morning I do is to check your blog even before reading office emails…anyway i read couple of older posts yesterday..

    Keep writing Sir..


  6. Dheeraj,

    Can you send me Mr Shenoy’s and Mr Singh’s blog addresses.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. bhoomi poojan in these days, interesting. mumbai builder u mean, which place and whats the going rate as on the date he decided to do this pooja.

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