If you thought the government was arbitrary in its conduct, well join the gang! The Supreme Court also thinks so…

Actually to the sharp observer with a conscience the Vodafone and the P Chidambaram case were clear. It is sad that it had to go right up till the Supreme Court. In case of Vodafone a over zealous Income tax department was trying to re-write the Income tax Act. How Vodafone could be asked to pay tax on gains made by Hutch is a question that was difficult. How the High Court accepted the argument is far more difficult to understand, let alone accept.

In the 2G case – announcing a cut off date of 26 Sep 2007  was a cruel joke. It is like saying we will announce the pass marks of an exam AFTER we see how many people get 35! This was clearly telling the applicants – look 575 of you applied, 122 of you have been nice to us…all of you have happily applied before 26 Sep…so we have chosen 26 Sep…now tell me the REAL price that you are willing to pay!! But hello please pay the price to Mr. Raja, …because we, the Congress, is clean! The history of the government arm twisting, corruption, dumb thinking, lack of clarity, in the telecom industry is so scary that putting money in the infrastructure companies. One has no clue about what is happening in aviation, roads, etc. …

Of course Sibal says…it is the NDA’s fault. Talk of self image! My God P Chidambaram, Man Mohan Singh and Kapil Sibal are really thick……as in skin and as in thieves!!

Mera Bharat Mahan…

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  1. Dear Subra,
    It is very Nice statement from you and this shows your honesty.. Where every news papers and channels are showing simply unwanted rumours that all companies wil be closed and more than 10000 job loss…I opend your blog and thinking how your blog will be.. Wow it is so nicely said.. Many news papers are not at all thinking of around 40000 employess of all companies and their families..what they will do ? where they will go?? Norway Govt(Telenor), French Govt(MTS), Bharain Govt(Etisalat) were invested in India for these kind of judgements?? It is pure mistake of govt and not these companies..All indians should stop blaming the companies and should ask government..

    What subra.. what do u say..

  2. “But Subra,the investors confidence in Government of India will suffer a setback.What do you think ?”

    well,should it not? why would any sane investor deal with such a bunch of thieves.

  3. TS Ashok

    Subra has been scaring one and all to death. His only message is don’t go to sleep when it is about your money. These companies should have kept their eyes open. Maybe they did and knew very well what they were getting into.

    Where were these 10000 employees working before they joined these companies?

    The story is not over in 4 months there is another auction and a new set of / same companies could be back. Freshers can move to any industry and veterans can be absorbed by winners of the next round of auctions. Temporary tension – yes. Long term distress – no way.

    Jobs are not getting destroyed by this judgment – just transferred from one employer to another.

  4. Congress English
    Arbitrary – I intrepret rules – Madam makes money

    Abritrage – I make differential rules – Madam makes money

    Arbitration – I make differential dispute resolution process – Madam makes money

    p.s : Stupid agents, getting caught all the time; in the good old days we could salt away the money and proclaim garibi hatao and fool people..

    p.p.s : Hey, we can still fool people – NREGA, Food Security, Right to Education. Vive le Italy oops – Bharat.

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