When Tata Motors launched Indica, I was skeptical, sold the share and bought it back at 25% of the price at which I sold. Just luck I guess, but I will live with that.

A brilliant observer of the auto market Adil (of Car and Bike fame!) told me “I told T Motors they should give about 100 cars free to the Tata  executives get a feedback and then launch – but he did not listen to me. Now they will launch, make a fool of themselves, but then use their engineering skills to launch a great car….”


When they took over JLR – I was again skeptical. However I did not sell the share this time – I decided to wait.

My arguments :

  • If Ford cannot do it, how can Tata Motors?
  • Tata Motors have no retail high quality experience.
  • International markets were booming – so I was worried that they may over pay

I thought if they make money, it will be because they could shift a couple of lines to INDIA and hence the company could make some money….

Well in real life what happened?

  • Sales of JLR zoomed – and it is now supporting Tata Motors 🙂
  • No plant has been shifted to India
  • Tata Motors is actually creating jobs in God forsaken UK!

Hats off, Mr. Ratan Tata, will take a bow…of course happy to admit my own foolishness – and very happy feeling as a shareholder and DVR holder.

Thank You, Sir.

Read on: http://viewswire.eiu.com/index.asp?layout=ib3Article&article_id=158604000&pubtypeid=1112462496&country_id=1460000146&fs=true&rf=0


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  1. The real “Bharath Ratna”… But sorry nobody even suggest. They just know the stupid politicians or the mere entertainers.

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