This is a story that I have heard…and from very authentic sources, so I believe it is true.

There was one Mr. S who had inherited about 2000 acres of land in a village in Tamil Nadu. Typically, he was a rich man and also added some more land to it and was very prosperous….When he died he bequeathed the land to his son and put a condition that the land is being given to him as a TRUSTEE – and it was his responsibility to feed the poor in the village!

So the son (Mr. S ) would feed everybody in the village who could not afford to eat…He never thought of himself as an owner and always behaved as a trustee.

Once there was a huge famine and he did not pay his land tax to the government. This was when the English was ruling over India.

A group of villagers got together and wanted to acquire the land – so they bribed/ did something by which ‘acquisition proceeding’ were started against him. The local Chief (an Englishman) had to take the final decision regarding the acquisition of the land.

He got wind of the machinations of some of the villagers, so decided to go to the village himself. He reached the village in the night and was resting.

At that time in the night one person went to Mr. S and said ‘I am hungry’ – Mr. S put the food in a wooden container and gave it to the guy, and went off to sleep worried about the hearing that the Englishman was to have the next morning.

The next morning S went for the hearing, and the Englishman was waiting for him. It was almost like a court….and on the table was the container he had given to the hungry man the previous night!

The Englishman explained: “I had heard about your land and your attitude towards the land…I sent my low caste driver to your house to test you. You passed with flying colors. No way how I will touch your land. I realise that you are doing a good job of looking after the village…please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Not all people know how to use their wealth in a manner that mankind benefits.

This is a true story which happened in Tanjore district of Tamilnadu…..

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  1. At least such “positive” stories ought to be mentioned along with the names involved so that we can be proud of our heroes!

  2. Kavitha Bhaskaran

    I thought so too. This must definitely be Annadanam Subbaiyer. My father hails from Angarai too and that was his great great grand father

  3. Venkatraman Pichumani

    Great Story. Reallly touching and shows how the English were so benevolent in their approach. If this had been a local crook the land would have been ursurped and by now some college would have come there and slums in the rest of the land

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