1. First time I knew that Gilt is not rated – obviously this is within the country. I had always known that Gilt is the benchmark and AAA takes its cue from gilt rates, but this explanation of various Sources of Income – sounds so simple and obvious, but I did not know. Thanks Subra…keep them coming!

  2. Now a days even in India the labour are reluctant to work more then 8 hours a day in many fields. So are we going the Greece way????

  3. um,greece cant print its money.thats what keynesians like krugman are ruing.that -only if greece werent shackled by the EU,it would have long ago devalued and got over this.

    in any case,i dont understand what is the big deal about defaulting.russia defaulted in 1998 or 99 and by 2001 it was back on track and scorching its way to growth.

  4. Yeah sir I agree…..They can’t compromise their lifestyle, luxuries, can’t tolerate pay cuts, don’t want to work for more than 7 hours a day…..GOD HELP THEM….but itz a lesson for we indians that our change in lifestyle should be reversible, putting long hours should never be a problem…Gud one sir

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