happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you. Like an ad says …’please wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle, motorcycle or skating…Only Ganesha gets a replacement of the head!

For those who have not read about Ganesha, the asuras he killed were:

Matsarasur (Ganesha riding the lion),

Madasur (he was already Ekdanta, and was riding the mouse)

Mohasur (Moh is the sanskrit word for attachment)

Durbuddhi (that part of your brain which gives bad ideas, negativity, etc.)


Lobhasur (Lobh is greed – and Lobhasura was the son of Kuber – proof that greed can happen even when you have a lot of money)

Krodhasur (Krodh is anger)


Kamasur (using PeacockĀ  as a vehicle)

Mamasur (using Sheshnaag as a vehicle)

Ahamtasur (Ego)


If you see all the ‘asurs’ are just negative elements in our own self….

So this Ganesh Chaturthi may the Vignahara (remover of obstacles) remove all the impediments in our fight with all these asuras in our own self.

When I told this to my daughter….she asked ‘is your battle over?’. I said, NO, it is a continuous battle…not a one time affair.

So God bless all of us, our country, …and may we be a good, great and superb country and peace be with the world.

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