This has to be the joke of the century.

The Congress wanted (needed) to get the nuclear bill passed. They must have got a huge pay off from the Americans to get it done…let us assume that there was a pay off. Rarely does Congress do anything for free….

Let us see then what could have happened….Congress approached fixer par excellence Mr. A Singh to do the needful. He must have been very happy….so he went about his job.

2 bjp MPs saw what was going on….and decided to expose it…

Now the big man P Chidambaram acts….Amar Singh and the 2 BJP MPs are in Jail.

Amazing and quick justice…..and of course nothing happens to MMS – who may not have even known how all this is done…LOL..

If todays kids have to made to believe that the LAW IS NOT AN ASS….keep such news items away from them..

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  1. Subra sir the best is yet to come … check for #PrafulPatel
    they are keeping the whole airline for themselves and asking govt. to bail out. Again Dr MMS won’t know how this is done.

  2. for god’s sake -why this defence of MMS? he is a master of deception.he couldnt be where he were if he had principles.most principled people would choke in politics. MMS is the most sly of them.he just goes with the wind.if his boss wants controls and socialism -that is what he will preach.if it is some loosening of controls and some disinvestment ,he will go with it.if it is freebies and NREGA-he will tout its benefits.
    the man has NO principles. he is not even a people’s represtative even as a token. a rajya sabha MP who has been trounced in Lok sabha polls. the worst of the lot.STILL people are always ready to give him a pass -because he looks so innocent.time to end this charade and call a spade a spade.

  3. MMS is nothing but a pure bureaucrat, he know only how to nod his head to his boss(es).. He cannot pretend he is Dhritarashtra and turn a blind eye to all that is going around his kingdom.. Dhritarashtra, to his defence, was born blind..

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