was just wondering whether to write about other things in life like running, cooking, eating, reducing weight, increasing weight…

when suddenly on FB I got a notification from a friend Venkat…saying ‘hey I have posted about my Leh crewing trip…

remember he took leave, did not get paid for doing it….just got excited and did it…and he writes well too!


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  1. Sir, I would say it is a very welcome move. I have attended your Bangalore meeting and the way you relate things in simple way enables everyone to easily understand. You have very rich experience and appreciate your willingness to share on this front as well.

  2. Would love to hear about your running … how and when it started, how do you train (i did read about your training schedule), how do you keep yourself injury free …

    Last year I started running for a week, took a day off and its been a year from that time, I havent run 🙁 (I was trying to run to reduce my weight, may be its the purpose also).

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