Yesterday (FRdiday) was varalakshmi pooja and today was (is)  ‘avani-avattam.

Varalakshmi Pooja is a prayer to the 9 forms of Goddess Lakshmi – Dhana, Dhairya, Arogya…..etc. At our house it is a completely women festival – with my daughter making the arrangements, my mother and wife making the goodies, and both of them doing the pooja. The men have no work except to eat…

This time however it was a little different – I said all the mantras – well about 90% with concentration and 10% without! Then of course ate the goodies…

Today was (is) avani avattam. An annual membership of the Brahmin club. Did the ‘Kamoka Rishi’ japam. Funny if you read the mantras you realise that you are seeking forgiveness for all the sins you committed – knowingly, unknowingly, and those which you abetted (this is really amazing is it not?), then you say thanks to vedas, upanishads and the rivers of India. Then you change your sacred thread.

In a short time from now I will start getting phone calls from my Jain friends saying ‘Michhami Dukdam’ – which is the Jain way of saying the same thing  – Please forgive me….sins committed, knowingly, unknowingly, …..etc

Some coincidence that Ramzaan does similar things…

3 religions,  3 ways of doing the same thing – crush your ego by seeking forgiveness.

So here is an apology to all my friends, foes, colleagues, daughters, sisters, mother, aunts, uncles, brothers, nieces, customers, readers, people who comment, those who read the comments, those who comment, those who do not comment………….etc. etc………..

I think it is simple to do, and once in a year is not tough anyway…so I do it.

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  1. Agree Subra – “therinjum theriyamalum seydha kutrathirkaka – translated from tamil means pl forgive for sins committed unknowingly (ok..) and knowingly (?!)- our annual bidding to the good lord are laced with these hedging mantras washing our balance sheets clean, but good for our hearts isnt it.

  2. Subramani,
    An apt message. Minor pedant point.

    Kamokarsheeth => does not split into “kamoka rishi”. It actually reads as:

    Kama: + aakarsheeth => driven by desires
    Manyu: + aakarsheeth => driven by temper

    These two human traits lead us into all sorts of stray roads, hence as you rightly point out, the japam is a conscious auto suggestion to the mind that it ought to be more aware of these indiscretions in the future……. 🙂

    Payasam, ravai/besan laddoo and keerai vadai. One can’t complain about life 😉

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