1. May I kindly request you to suggest & share a good Broker details for managing my Portfolio of Stocks/Mutual Funds. I am glad to have a win-win relationship with him.

  2. good? why Icici direct, Hdfc securities, Kotak securities…there is a whole list of brokers just pick one.

    If you are asking for a broker who will talk to you, remember your portfolio, advise you…I think that breed died in 2000.

  3. Your broker did not do anything amazing, its all about trend and cycle, even a school going boy will tell u that Reliance is in the down trend since long, TM follows a cycle, in increasing interest rate regime all rate sensitive comes down and vice versa.
    Needless to mention that in falling market “hold-no buys” will always work and in bull market “buy buy buy” will work.
    Certainly i would not pay my broker or WM for such heavenly advice(or advise-ur english blog was good or nice)…LOL.

  4. M S obviously I am not half or quarter as smart as you are, so I need a broker, and am happy with him.

    In case I need a school boy, I will ask you to find me one, thanks.

  5. I have no clue about your net-worth, my broker’s family networth should be close to 5 figures in crores. Frankly if you find a schoolboy with that kind of N W, I would be happy to meet him also.

  6. Hi Subra,

    I am asking for good Broker details who do Portfolio Management Services and willing to pay him for his services provided it is a win-win situation for both of us.

  7. I was amused at M S P’s comment about your broker..also on his comment on your English usage post. I thought you would take off on his ‘vice-versa’ usage. Not sure whether he uses the word reverse. Actually because of the vice-versa I have not been able to understand his comment. Amused.

    I am also sure your broker will be HONOURED if he could meet MSP…LOL,

  8. MS I have Mahindra Hol Resorts, so when the MD moved, it was logical to look at Sterling…RJ buying was icing on the cake. I do not follow RJ at all.

    Not that he is good or bad..but I have more info, in fact far more info than what is publicly available.

    I am a small guy with a good broker..that is all.

  9. For some one who has nothing in the stock market (not that its a good sign, just lack of savings/investment discipline I guess) its fascinating to see the passion of most investors/traders.
    BTW nice article on the Express today, Subra.

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