Well choose what B stands for! Afterall it is a point of view is it not? Let us look at some recent news items / events:

– Greece default is more or less certain. So Greece will be forced to go out of the Euro, and Germany will go because it wants to go. This will ensure that Euro goes down – or is finished. Gold may surge, or US $ will surge.

– US is in a position worse than Greece – says Gross. Gross knows a thing or two about sovereign debt, does he not? He has been going short on US Treasury – surely he has sold quite a lot, he may not have gone short.

– Many US municipalities are busy defaulting, and the default is likely to be in excess of US $ 10 Billion. A couple of counties have sent people home – they do not have money to pay salaries.

-At the national level corruption is likely to have some impact. I am wondering what! No clue how the market is likely to react to KG Basin news, corruption / harassment story in the regulator’s end, etc.

– Not sure whether this is likely to be the beginning of the end of the Mukesh Ambani group also. Saying this because when a person does something ostentatious, it is normally at their peak of glory – there is only a downside after that. For Harshad Mehta it was a Lexus, being on the cover of Business India, Dalal Street Journal, and perhaps India Today. After that it was all downhill. Will the house be the beginning of the end for MDA? Remember Dhirubhai did not do anything like this. Even internationally Lexus is considered to be an unlucky car!

we will look at the positives too…this is all for today!

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  1. Indeed short term future is very bleak. we can also add
    Japan – Huge debt i.e. approaching 200% of GDP coupled with 2 decades of deflation and horrible demographics
    China – skewed and unsustainable fixed investment creating housing bubble coupled with huge(and hidden) debts in balance sheet of local govt finance vehicle.


  2. subra

    you don’t give a point straight do you?

    Should i select Future is Bullshit or Bright?

    Well as you usually say i should just keep running my SIP and take a viewers seat in terms of news.

    What else common man can do?

  3. China/India – inflation is rising steeply

    how can food inflation come down without surplus food or people staring? are interest rate increase made to make poor starve & common man eat less?

    in analysts words, short-term future is baffled & long term is bright

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