1. Once I redeemed my Fidelity MF. The units got redeemed but money was not credited in my account due to their process of Signature verification, etc., Finally I got my money after 30-40 days. I was paid an interest @ 18% pa from them stating a SEBI guideline.

    Ofcourse, it was not my mistake!

  2. the market exists not to provide fair results.it exists to give you what you truly deserve. ie.show us our “aukaat”. people who dont know how to claim their dividends,well,should get advisors who can do it for them

  3. Pravin not sure whether you are an investor or a distributor – I do not know of any distributor who will do all this diligently always, all the time, for all the clients.

  4. “2. Increase the net worth requirement to be in the mutual fund business and charge Rs. 50 million from each fund house and put it in the investor education fund.”

    All the incumbents of mutual fund industry would love to have SEBI raise networth requirement. Thats the surest way to stop any new competition from coming into the market. Thats what a lot of our corporates spend time/money doing and our govts/regulators are only too willing to do. Raising the entry barriers and exit barriers to start new businesses. Kill competition even before it appears.

    “Does she get today‚Äôs NAV? You ought to be joking.” – what if there was a crash and NAV was decimated. Won’t she be happy to get it at the previous high NAV ? What if the fund she invested wasted the capital investing into duds? would that be fair ? would you then have the regulators monitor which stocks the fund houses invest in ?

    Nothing good comes of any regulations. And certainly not out of “creative” regulations as you suggest.

  5. – this is clearly the ladies mistake, every bit of it.
    – went on a tour after asking for redemption. Doesn’t she know a check will come in few days ?
    – remembered it again after 15 long months ? phew … !
    – why should MF give it at current NAV ? MF already redeemed the units/stocks at redemption prices. (also she would’ve got lucky also if markets went down after that as somebody else said.).
    – she got what she deserved. No amount of investor education is going to change such irresponsibility.

  6. go growth, mark direct credit to account, BUT then be prepared to chase for transaction statement. online on demand a/c statement is so secretive you cannot open with your own password.

    In my experience, tata darashaw were the ONLY R&T who would chase you and send you a missed cheque if you reappeared three months down the line.

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