If you hear I have been killed in a road accident, please ask for a CBI probe.

The amount of immoral things that corporate India is doing (I am convinced it was not so bad earlier) is unbelievable. The sheer enormity hits you. I have been inundated with mind boggling stories. Many of them involve a regulator at one end – or some other revenue authority! One fantastic media ‘success’ story was a fantastic brokerage deal with a super high rate of brokerage!

So when K M Abraham alleges tax harassment by taxmen, you know whom to blame. Well even my daughter would know it. Except that there is not just one big enemy that he has made. In fact he has made a few powerful enemies.

Corporate India has many thugs and taking them is not easy…but Abraham has done it and has the ability to come out of this in good colors.

Pray to the Almighty for a fast coming out of this mess…

Sir, some of us are with you….morally willing to support you..best of luck sir.

Some of us know your enemies – and we all realize that some of your enemies have powerful friends and foes in the media! So no comments sir!!

See the headline in Economic Times of 14 June, 2011.

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  1. Sucheta has said that flats were bought in the same building as NSE. That is fine by me…but clearly Abraham has made some very big enemies…

  2. Hope you are not serious about the road accident and CBI probe. What is that you’ve exposed specifically (other than generic) which should make some people think about eliminating you? Is it the after effect of J.Dey episode?

    Since you know Mr.Debashis and Ms.Sucheta personally well; as they write a lot on exposing people or corporates in detail (including the recent Speak Asia issue), may be you can consider discussing this with them?

    Request you to note that I’m not belittling your concern but unable to understand the rationale behind it.

  3. I have no intention of exposing anybody. It was just a mention.

    I am happy with all the mafia that I am associated with. Since I could not (did not wish to or could not I do not know) become a don, I am a shareholder. Many of the companies of which I am shareholder are run by people who do all kinds of things to remain profitable. I have no intentions of reducing my dividend income…

    clearly I have a vested interest in status quo being maintained…

  4. No sir fortune and fate would not have that for you. You are condemned to watch the loot happening (impotently) ! Thats what this system of governance is designed for and that is what its efficiently doing.

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