A few days ago I posted a story saying ‘It is a sad day for professionals’…well all of us make our choices, do we not.

If I search all the visiting cards of the people I met, it includes – Mehta, Parekh, many other scam accused as well. I have also had a conversation with Raju and his COO. Have also met a few people in the police force – those who were attending to the big frauds, as well those on the other side.

I had a business opportunity (and did it) with the only group which has had its mutual fund license cancelled. I have done broking with one of the shadiest finance companies in India. I have met Mr. C R Bhansali, Mr. Subramaniam (of Subhiksha)…OMG¬†it can really read like the who’s who.

However we decide whether to do business with them or not, do we not?

I also known a CA who used to head the youth Congress in a big state. He had a decent academic record and was brilliant in his work. Once he told me an incident…4 friends were sitting together in an open air restaurant. Just then a police van came screaming…3 of his friends just vanished for about 10 minutes. Then they came out sheepishly…all 3 had CRIMINAL cases pending against them.

That did not stop my friend from pursuing his CA…and hs ie now a big man in a big place…for obvious reasons I am not naming him! And he will not even talk of bribing anybody. If a client feels that it is easier to bribe his way through, my friend just gives up the client. Thankfully he is more into company law practice….

AFter all we all make our choices -whether to sell golf schemes, plantations, unit linked plans. A friend in US was telling me how his institutional clients are being protected in some new transactions that he is doing. Sounds like paranoia, but I loved his risk reduction techniques -irrelevant for me because I do not have institutional investors seeking risk advice…but interesting!

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  1. Subra,

    You hit the nail. Ethics is a personal choice and it takes an enlightened soul to actually practise it. But with instant gratification and easy quick money… it’s more an aberration rather than being the norm.

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