I was talking to a regulator about some changes in the financial reporting that is happening world wide and will happen in India shortly. The Reserve Bank of India has accepted it, the MCA has accepted it, SEBI has mandated….

One obvious question (esp if you are a regulator) is to ask (no clue why) ‘How will it help the small simple investor who buys 100 shares’. Fair question I told him.

However from what I have seen – the small investor (for heavens sake, I do not know what it means) invests only with his cheque book. No reading, no effort, no research, no ….but will happily sign a cheque because somebody told him.

Believe it or not, I have heard the following:

1. The Nse’ s nifty is at 5000, the Bse Sensex is at 15,000 – which means it is 3 times MORE EXPENSIVE to buy on BSE, correct?

2. Bombay based companies are listed on BSE ….and non Mumbai cos. are listed on NSE…

3. I surrendered my mutual fund whose Nav had gone up too much…Rs. 248….and bought a NFO at Rs. 10….sometime I had to book profits, na?

Well if a guy / gal will NOT read, will refuse to understand (it is easy, but attempt has to be made na?) …but will sign cheques for investing…well, God bless him…now read on


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  1. :))
    If I may vent? off topic, but of course.

    If CAMS were a person, I’d have boxed his ears.
    Why am I fuming? As a very long time MF investor, they’re making me dance and jump to transmit folios, where, incidentally I’m the joint holder.
    They don’t know someone holding on to units from 1995?
    New limits of patience are being learnt.

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