1971: first overseas victory in West Indies and England. Images of Chandra taking those wickets. Ajit Wadekar the captain….

1983: India, rank outsiders, win the World Cup. Beating the mighty West Indies led by Clive Lloyd. Kapil Dev the captain

1985: India win the Bensen and Hedges Cup in Australia. India going in as favorites, beating all the teams, taking all the opposition wickets except in the finals when we took 9 Pakistani wickets. Sunil Gavaskar…captain

2007: Winning the T-20 world cup

2011: Dhoni’s superb 6 to take the world cup….images etched for ever!

Clear Goal setting by Sachin, conveyed to the whole world…focus. When you want something, write down the goal, remember it and convey it. Then the UNIVERSE conspires to make sure it happens for you. Sachin Tendulkar we are proud of you. As Virat Koli said ‘He has carried the nation’s expectation for 21 years…it is time we carried him on our shoulders’.

Correct Mahendra Singh Dhoni, you are a great captain….all the best.

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  1. Greatest Day for Indian Cricket after it was transformed to the Religion of this country by Kapils Devils 28 years back. Hats off to each member of the team and the support staff who didnt succomb to the immense pressure they had been for the last few weeks. SACHIN u r the greatest. DHONI the leader. YUVI the most talented. GARY the true chanakya…++++.

    Sorry/ Shame that they wont get a proper break but directly jump in for the IPL… They truly desereve.

  2. Sorry, while I do not want to spoil the mood of the revellers,I want to share some of my concerns on this topic, so that others can express thir views:
    a)Powerful and mighty (Businessmen, politicians, Babus and those with ‘connctions’) cornered 80% of the tickets (mostly free !) and only 20% trickled down to ‘am admi’s of this country.Some fans in Bangalore had to face police baton!. Does it show in general how the ‘good things’ of this land are reserved only for the upper crust of the society? Does it indicate a larger malice in our society? Does the entire issue requires a public debate and more transparency? Or is it an unfounded / imaginary concern on my part?
    b)I am not sure whether the ‘world cup’ is a public or a private affair? How come ICC/BCCI managed 45 crores of tax exemption from Govt., when the event served mainly the private interest, as explained at (a).
    c)What about the tickets sold in black(Rs 1.5 lakhs)? How the system failed here? Can’t they sell the tickets against ID cards (Like railway TATKAL tickets).Whether any bigger sharks involved, whether they will ever be exposed, or will vanish into thin air in the noise of victory celebration?

  3. Finally the dream of a billion Indians have come true!!!
    Market to open higher tomorrow, market always performs when Team India performs.


  4. Sorry for playing the spoil sport. If goal setting makes universe conspires with the same, whether other team did not have goals? I think Srilanka was equally focussed. The same Sachin is in the team for last 21 years. Do we mean that he or any other captain has never ever set this goal before?

    Every team wants to win a tournament and would set the same as goal. This is very common. Talent matters. But luck matters more.

    Indians were talented and unlucky at some times. This time they had both talent and luck in their favour.

    If the universe works with us in achieving what we want, what explains the fate of 77% Indians who live below Rs.20/- a day. Lack of goals and focus?

    Who understands the luck component better than you as you’ve written a lot positively about Taleb in the past?

  5. Sorry Subra sir waited for a long time to respond but since you do not normally respond to most comments, I thought I should!

    A runner is focused on winning the race – so are all the others. Most of them have a goal (or many times multiple goals). All of them work hard, all of them exercise, all of them are motivated. On the race day the guy whose hard work, exercise, motivation and God’s grace combine HE/SHE WIN the race. Maybe the first horse is just a nose ahead…as Subra says ‘the difference between the winner and the second is huge’. India did not win with luck. That happened in 1983.

    This team has been improving – physically and mentally for the past 3-4 years. They started with top billing, played well and won. If goals and focus were everything, everybody will have it. The desire to win has to be backed by the ability to win. The ability has to be built.

    To quote Subra again ‘ if you like only the end result and not he process of creating it, chances are you will not get the result’.

    Taleb and luck..tch tch..

    Muthu you should attend a risk lecture by Subra…and see the amount of cricket that comes into it. I still remember the Shahid AFridi, Rahul Dravid standard deviation, average, and reversion to the mean example..simply out standing!

    by the way you may not remember me. I attended your lecture in Hyderabad about 3 years ago..and read your blog everyday without fail..that is why i took on Muthu..sorry if I should not have…

  6. Mani – I’m not a great fan of cricket. So may find it difficult to learn risk through cricket analogies. I may be able to relate better through some thing else.

    Nobody denies talent. Many a times (with some exceptions) if you’ve to be in certain league, talent is a hygiene factor.

    Beyond that it is luck or destiny or God.

    Quoting you “If goals and focus were everything, everybody will have it. The desire to win has to be backed by the ability to win. The ability has to be built.”

    This conveys the impression those who fail lack focus and goals and those who succeed have it. Life is very complex to fit into such a simple statement.

    I would like to quote Buffett who is capable of conveying in few words what probably I write in paras.

    “If rich think that they did at all themselves, reincarnate them as one of the five children of a scared, starving mother in Mali and see how rich and successful they would be after being sent to work as a slave on cocoa plantation in Cote d’ Ivorie.”

  7. btw I love this win -we deserve it
    but i agree with muthu -we had some luck on the day
    & media always have a tendency to rationalize the outcome -life is too complex – so now see the headlines & tones of articles & compare it with before world cup starts -there is a difference of black & white ( or may be blue should I say)
    if the evert in final would be different result ,than we would have the same media bashing of all involved in cricket

    so man winner takes all the result & it is quite difficult to identify the reason of winner -so behind ever infosys -there are many dreams & hard work who were not able to take off & as subra says earlier -it is easier to identify winner in hindsight

  8. funnily I have invested in Franklin India bluechip, Hdfc top 200, hdfc equity, hdfc growth, templeton India growth fund, franklin india flexicap, hdfc prudence – ALL FOR AT LEAST 10 YEARS. Then in Icici pru discovery, i pru dynamic, i pru tax – from the date that NAREN TOOK OVER as equity fund manager in I pru.

    in hindsight they are winners. YES I HAVE PICKED these winners. ONLY mistake was a small investment in a sector fund with a poor manager..but got out quickly..and at a small loss.

    it is actually about seeing the process, talking to a couple of brokers thru whom they deal, a couple of managements of the cos. in which they invest, …some talking, some research.

    However all those readers think that they should look at ratings, Heaven bless them.

  9. liked the comments by Muthu..
    especially “If the universe works with us in achieving what we want, what explains the fate of 77% Indians who live below Rs.20/- a day. Lack of goals and focus?”

    he has valid points

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