A friend had gone for an interview and she was asked…

Interviewer: Why do you want to do this job?

She: I wish to make a career here, learn and serve your customers to the best of my ability…..

Interviewer: Bull. Complete bullshit. You need to pay the EMIs..so every morning you will start lying. First thing you will tell me ‘Good morning Sir, nice to see you. You mean ‘Hey jerk, at current prices your salary is good, so I need to stick around here’. Then you will tell the client ‘Sir your call is important to us’. Frankly we mean ‘Look you jerk this is all we can do as a service provider, we are giving you one of the finest rates in the world for telecom…you have no choice…’

So Ms. AB we are all here to pay our EMIs..smart people have lower EMIs so that they can do what they want to do, and not what they must do!

She was stunned and amused..and also got the job. Her boss encouraged her to challenge every assumption in customer service, and as a team they did a good job. Rarely do cust service people stories have a happy ending..but hers did! Read on here is an article saying why you should not take careers too seriously…


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  1. Good article.
    Many ppl change job only for salary increase, but if you ask them reason for change… you’ll get hundreds of different reasons for change 🙂

  2. its the old fishing story. one fish, lunch, nap, cool life. many fish, markets, boats, trawlers, biz magnate and beach vacation.
    which route is better – historical boredom or induced activity?

  3. Subra,
    Superb article for a guy like me, who is just thinking like the author, wanted to move out of an industry I don’t like, but don’t know where to go.

  4. so funny Srinivasan. Working for an industry which you do not like, working for a company (and boss) whom you do not think matters. To earn money to pay banks you do not like. Because u bought things you do not need / do not use. Or u spent on people u do not like. LOL

    Why work? Beats me. Like suresh says is historical boredom not good? why induce activity and then rest?

    God bless you Srinivasan…’Chini vasan’ means a guy who likes sugar..i guess. Unless u strongly believe that since Sri resides in you, you are the bank 🙂

  5. Mr.Subra – Though humorous, pretty interesting thoughts.

    In December’06, I just quit my employment. Trust me, I was not asked to go! Infact they wanted me to stay. Atleast I was successful in creating the impression that my services were needed for the organization.

    I just wanted to do what I like – become a Personal Financial Advisor, a job which has no entry barrier whatsoever!

    Everybody was against the move. The only person I needed to convince was my wife and she was kind enough to buy the idea. That gave me some conviction about my selling skills!

    Starting Jan’07, there was not many who came knocking to the doors. Infact someone asking for a meeting was considered as a call from heaven!

    While attending social occasions, since no one understood or even made effort to understand what I said, I started telling them that I retired at the age of 33! I cannot forget the shock on their faces and the sympathetic glance my wife received from them.

    I believe in Buffet’s quip that doing what one like is the ultimate luxury and one’s cost of living is not equal to standard of living.

    So far I’ve survived and I hope tomorrow would atleast not be worse if not better.

    I think people can create a contingency fund, try what they like doing and can always go back to something else if it doesn’t work out.

    Success and failure are very relative terms. There is no need to give undue importance to the same.

    Even if I ‘fail’, it is an experiment well done!

  6. The last line should have been “Even if one ‘fails’, it is an experiment well done!”

    Ofcourse, the ‘one’ can be me too!

  7. When I changed job, I frankly told my prev employer that I am leaving because I am getting more package elsewhere.

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