Sir for 50 marks can we do a project please?

This is a question which is difficult to handle….but mostly one has to say yes…so I tell them stories of how cut n paste does not work. In Mr. Fali Nariman’s autobiography ‘Before Memory Fades’ he has given an instance of this…

At a party in Pandit Nehru’s the end of the dinner there was a single bone piece on Panditji’s plate.

Playing with it…he asked…’What history character does this remind you of?’..

Then he replied…’Bon-aparte’ … and broke the bone…and everybody laughed.

One of his cabinet Ministers…then threw a party..and reached the same situation…

He asked…’What history character does this remind you of?’

..then breaking the bone he said ‘Napolean’ …and nobody laughed!

He said…’When Panditji says a joke…you all laugh…when I say…nobody laughs’….

the lesson is simple…if you do not know the punch not say the joke 🙂

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  1. Hi Subra,
    In one of your earlier post you had given example of ” in arms of another women” and the women is none other than mother. Still recalling..



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