Back from running (walking, jogging,  too) and did it in 2:49 hrs. This by itself is not a good number, and it is 4 minutes more than my targeted time of 2:45. However it was still better than my last year’s timing of 2:57!

This post is to say something else though! Last year (2010) I had prepared better – and that perhaps made my complacent. I was sure I would complete in under 3 hours….and I relaxed (or as all my kids say I chilled!).

This year I really freaked out with a vacation in the last week of Dec (when I wore the shoes, but did no running)…and was generally badly prepared. This meant I was scared and ran better.

IT IS ALL IN THE MIND…there could not have been a better lesson. So one year later, with lesser preparation, just the mind pushed me to the finish with timing better than last years!

SO NEXT YEAR IT IS THE FULL MARATHON…in say 6 hours…what say?

If I do not do it before I turn 50, I never will…so 2012…here I come for the FULL MARATHON…maybe I will walk it..but its on!

will post the pics on fb…not sure how to post it here..or if i can figure it out, will post it here…

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  1. Kudos to you Sir,
    you even did posts after finishing the marathon.
    Looks like your body is keeping up with your mind :).
    Will be nice to see the photos.

  2. good achievement!.the early start helped everyone i guess.even the elites broke their records.a whole lot of my running mates score PBs and many even hit sub 4 in the full monty.

    what i liked this year was the 2 ‘buses’. couple of people were volunteering to pace people with target times .there was a 5 hr bus for the FM which finished at 4:58 and the 3hr HM bus did a 2:59.every one on the ‘bus’ was happy to be led by such selfless volunteer runners.

  3. btw,i am sure you know that the full m is a different beast altogether.i’d say a sincere prep of 8 months will be good enough.assuming a 25km/week base running in place.
    best of luck for 2012!

  4. Hey we finished almost together, my gross time is 2:51 and net must be 2:48. Did you track yourself on GPS? My GPS says, it was a 23km run!

  5. kalpk, you probably did a lot of zigzag running,trying to avoid walkers or others blocking the garmin gps showed 21.3 but i knew that until the first 3-4kms,i’d to dodge and weave a bit. but 2km is a bit too much!

  6. fully agree with Pravin. Also you should count from the start line to the finish line. This is tough in a u end up from where u start till the finish line. Also the zig zag thing that Pravin is talking about..i guess 1-1.2 (of which 500m is the waiting place to the start line) is the max…not 2km

    2km in a full m’thon is phaps possible, but not 20% of the total race…

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