My memory is a little blurred..did Obama win the Nobel for Economics or Peace?

well here is an article which makes a fantastic case for Obama to get the Nobel prize for Double Speak…

blogs are a good source of news…the mainstream media is busy boot licking..

I liked this ‘Manmohan tu badnam hua…Madam ke liye’….:)

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  1. Dear Subra,
    how do u manage to take out time to read all this gems……i think u r good at time management…one article on time management is most welcome……

  2. Dr Mohammed Ali Khan

    Another article from Devinder Sharma..
    He says that US is not opening its markets to agricultural prodects & Pharmaceuticals.. Fair enough.. What the US is doing is wrong..
    And then he trows in this statement..
    “Former US President Bill Clinton had recently apologized for flooding Haiti since early 1990s with cheaper American rice, which had destroyed Haiti’s ability to feed itself.”- Why the author is so keen on food self sufficiency of every country, Is there some world war going on? Are people in Singapore & Hong Kong & Japan starving because they are not self sufficient in food?
    The REAL reason why Haitians are poor is that they do not make thing which other people can trade with them.. They need not be self-sufficient in food.. Why are they not making goods? They have no stable government, no property rights.. Who will trade with them?

    I don’t understand the author’s gripe on Genetically Modified foods.. Every morsel of food civilized humanity has been eating for the past 10,000 to 15,000 years has been genetically modified..By artificial selection by ancient farmers..
    Look what the famous biologist & rationalist has to say about GM foods

  3. @Subra – this link you have is not a “News”. It is only an “Opinion” of someone with a blinkered view of the world! I wish you could qualify these links with some reason as to why you consider these as “good”.

    Obama is no world saviour – He is a misinformed American Socialist while Devinder Sharma is an Indian Socialist.

    If anyone should be complaining about American subsidies, it is the American Tax Payers. If subsidies make America sell rice & wheat cheap to India, good for us! How many % of indians consume vs indians who produce rice,wheat ?

    The real inference from Devinder Sharma’s article should be that Govt interference in any economic activity including agriculture ranges from detrimental to downright disastrous. Indian Govt also runs ever increasing subsidy programs for farmers. Power, water, fertilizer just to name a few.

    The whole world would be a better place with free trade all around. But there is no evidence to suggest unilateral free trade is going to be harmful for a country. Like Dr. Khan says, what then explains the prosperity of singapore, hongkong & Japan?. People in these countries spend a fraction of their income on food compared to India & third world. Singapore almost entirely imports its food.

    I would recommend for your reading.

  4. America has long been the punching bag for indian communists & socialists. Which is fine when they point to their american govt’s often idiotic & irrational. But I hate to see well intentioned indians cheerleading them while turning a blind eye to what is happening in our own backyards.

  5. two points :
    1. it was interesting to read about clarence thomas the chief justice of the supreme court of America being an exc Monsanto employee. Crony Capitalism anybody? we have our own K G Balakrishnan! Wonder where Transparency International is, unless of course international means “Not in America(God Bless)!
    2. There is no such thing as “Free Trade” or for that matter “socialism” or what ever ism. Men merely dress their greed into what ever allows them to fatten their purse at some poor sods expense.
    To actually expect governments, especially western style democracies to work is to be ‘fooled by their randomness’ The odd occasion when “government’ policy mistakenly helps the average person is the random event!

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