No way how I am even thinking of attempting to answer this question! It is really a difficult question to answer, there is also my competence to answer such a difficult question.

However look at what happened at Singur! Mr. Tata must be the only industrialist who did not succumb to the blackmailing of Mamta. Similarly the people who stopped Tata Airline are still ruling the roost in the Ministry!

So he decided that since he could not speak the language which the government was able to understand, he appointed Vaishnavi….He was sure she could speak the Maran, Praful Patel, ….language. Sadly this is the language which Dr. MMS also favors, so be it.

What else could Mr. Tata do?

Well he could increase his presence in countries which are not banana republics like the UK and the USA. This he has done by his acquisitions.

Of course there are many people asking this question. Mr. Girish Nikam is also asking this question. He is a keen political observer and has some honest opinions…here they are:

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  1. We should not forget that the Tata’s, Birla’s, and the Ambani’s are all businessmen.(that includes Infosys and Wipro)
    They would do whatever to get their businesses going, which means if they have to bribe, they will.

  2. Subra, a meek defense put out.

    Tata is Tata – but is he a cut away from the others.

    Your argument suggests –

    If you can’t beat them, then join them.

    Fair is foul, foul is fair – Its business as usual.

  3. the problem is not corrupt businessmen at all. in fact you expect them to be greedy,profit minded fellows.
    the problem is the khadi clad snakes. they have arrogated to themselves economic decisions -which should have been only between the buyer and the seller. we no longer have the fundamental right to freedom. in the name of collective property,these tax parasites try to steal everything -from tribal lands,to gas reserves to invisible spectrum.
    going by the homesteading definition of property,spectrum should solely “belong” to the person/group that adds his/its toil to the natural resource.
    the govt is acting like a slumlord who “owns” the extorts money for doing nothing.we are all serfs for having surrendered our right to property in the name of “public good” ie the good of the ruling elite.
    the borivali national park is apparently a public property for example.except for the sena numero uno and family who can treat it as their private garden. public property is an idea whose time has is based on lies alone.
    tata is no saint.but why should one expect him to be?

  4. A panipuri wala on roadside had to pay 10rs to the constable daily to run his shop smoothly. We want a big empire like TATA to run their business without bribing any one. Bribing is nothing to do with ethics. when you can’t change the system be part of system & grow with it.
    Bribing to do business is not unethical.. cheating shareholders or employees is unethical

  5. i’ve to agree with commonman.bribes are just indirect taxes.there is no fraud on part of the payee. so the recent outburst by the sham of a CVC about bribe payers being criminals too is ludicrous

  6. subra sir,
    it is said if u want to be happy u should have two things-smile on your face and bad memory.
    i cannot show my smiling face, i do not remember how many of my messages u have deleted-so i am happy.
    u say u have malice towards one and all, u have kept that for yourself, whenever we try to show some malice our messages gets deleted-long live ur vanity…bade maalik…..LOL

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