Is it possible for anybody to hurt you? The answer is actually NO. Normally we allow the other person the ‘right’ to hurt us.

This actually happens by being too ‘attached’ to that person. ‘Attached’ is a funny word – it actually means you like that person, like to see him/her happy, laugh and cry with you, share…etc. however it is not love. Love is far superior.

Love allows you to let that person go….every parting is after all for a cause. Most partings are for the ‘betterment’ of the other person.

So if you really love a person you can let that person go. Such a person cannot hurt you…well not for long anyway. Even if that person tries to hurt you. you can and will get back to where you started from.

However sometimes you allow not so relevant people to hurt you – immaterial of WHY you do it, you do it. This is many a time a hurtful decision, be careful it can scar!

To take a very old example, Dasharath Maharaja  was attached to Lord Rama, his son, but Kaushalya had a lot of love for Rama! She could let him go, but Dasharath could not let him go…Kaushalya lived in Ram’s memory for 14 years..Dasharath died when Ram left…

All this for a Sunday afternoon read.. 🙂

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  1. it is easy to give gyan. People whom you like/love can hurt you..sometimes unintentionally. Coping with that is not easy…but it has to be handled…

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