at various levels the common man has been told lies. The common man being the common man, he believes the newspapers, the television channels, the experts who come on television, the advisers, the media experts…..and everybody and everyone. Let us see some more of the lies that he/ she believe:

1. India is a socialistic country, and higher the income, higher the taxation.

2. People with a good image in the media are really clean (even if you kill me, I will not elaborate on this)

3. Media can create wealth for you.

4. Tax payer money is required to bail out sick companies.

5. Sick companies are bailed out to protect jobs or recover institutional money.

6. It is not possible to get a high paying, no stress government jobs.

7. Banks in India can be divided into well paying private sector jobs with a lot of stress or not well paying public sector jobs with not much stress.

8. Investing in options is a great way to participate in the upside, with the downside already known.

9. Corporations are just like human – perhaps more rational!

10. Ayn Rand’s theory that corporates self preservation interest desire will make them work for the good of the customer.

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  1. “It is not possible to get a high paying, no stress government jobs.”

    Were you thinking of people like me when you wrote this!!

  2. no pattu you are atleast adding value to the students. The jobs that I was hinting at are some jobs in the banking, regulation and broking business

  3. Good work subra!

    USA is worried about world peace! just have a look at wikileaks n u’ll come to know the double faced USA who is only worried about its existance (to hell with India or world…)
    Quantative easing 2 (QE3,4,5….to follow…lol!) is an example to hyperinflation n so on…..
    God bless STUPID COMMAN MAN!

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