Let me say thanks to a few people with whom I had the chance of being associated. Two people I should say chance, the third person was picked out of cyber space – and the decision to be associated was taken in a very short time (moments?).

Let me start with LI – a fantastic resource for any organization. Willing to (dying to would be better perhaps?), knowing how to open a call, bring the client to the subject, ask for commitment, ask for a date, summarize and close. Only once in a sales call did I need to ‘help’ her out of about a dozen calls. She had all the mailing lists, client lists, names, …when a potential employer asked for the lists, she said ‘these are big companies whom we have met..sorry will not part with the list’.

Easy to fall in love with you girl, you are the best. Nice to know you miss me. It is, really, the ultimate compliment. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

The second was (is) a kid and was in her first job. Deadlines had to be met. Simple she did not ask for pushing deadlines or give excuses. She got the details from the client, processed it, owned the full process…and I was just a cc in the whole process. Once she said ‘cannot do it’. I said K “If you are reliable, you are always reliable. If you are reliable sometimes, you are not reliable”.

Aggressive, meeting deadlines, pushing others to work on her project, searching for a job for her ‘special friend’ (she is tying the knot with that ‘just’ a friend soon!), or adhering to a dress code for a SEBI meet, – she was good. I got some others to do the work that she was doing…but she was very good.

Miss you K A…but all the best in personal and professional life. You will go places.

The third is a guy PN. He is the equivalent of a ‘bechara bhala aadmi’.  He would get a project, see that the support team was not delivering it, would sit and do it himself, deliver it himself, and collect the money. He is an asset to any organisation that he goes. Best thing in hiring him is, if his junior is not performing, he would take on that work and deliver it to the client.

Hope fully they learnt as much as I learnt from them!

KA you are lucky to have PN as your boss. I mean it.

Thanks LI, KA and PN – you guys enriched my lives. I miss you a lot.

Of course there are some newer kids, all enthusiastic…hopefully one day I will write about them.

The reason I am not mentioning their names is just to protect their identities – not wanting to embarrass them 🙂

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  1. The feelings mutual – missing old days – thanks for being there when it mattered – wanted more to be an MBA – BBA suits fine – Alls well that will end well.

  2. Well Said..Had heard a lot about PN from others.Regarding LI and KA,I know them in person…So I can very well connect to your this lovely post…Though I have never worked with you I do miss the discussions which we used to have..They have an everlasting effect on me still ..Whenever i open up my purse to pay for any outfit i remember your words “Buy one dress less,invest in SIPs and you can retire early..”…

  3. “Superlike it Sir… it is an honor to b a part of ur blog and also to know u.. uve been a gr88 mentor.. wish I cud speak my mind out the way u do it..:))”

    this is KA’s response..Thanks kid..enjoyed working with you..

  4. It is be a great compliment for the people you are writing about, to get appreciation from people whom you have worked for and worked with is a great booster for their professional life.
    Congrats to them…. and to you too for being their Mentor.

  5. if you say nice things, you will get a nice response, correct? sorry to sound skeptical….but in a public place ..people only say nice things. However agree that you need not have said it at all. Nice things normally mean the truth from a senior to a junior assuming there is no axe to grind.

    do u think people can use this link like a testimonial a la Linkedin?

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