The CWG was held in India from 3rd October. It is a big and prestigious event in which many things had gone wrong. However the way the media is screaming its lungs about how everything is wrong in India and everything is right all over the world is a little (or a lot) sickening.

I heard a big speaker (know him well but dare not name him he is a media favorite) say if electricity were to be discovered today, the press would write about:

1. How candle manufacturers got no time to adapt

2. How electricity can kill people – and how many lives will be lost

3. How if there is a leakage in underground cables millions of people will get electrocuted

4. How curtains have to be susidised because people will have to use it in the night also – and the usage is doubling

5. How people will not work – the fan will make nights more comfortable…

….you are getting the drift I hope.

Yes things are going wrong, so please be part of the solution. Go to the games village (come on, it looked nice, was there and it looked good) and see if you can help. Criticising Kalmadi is great but from when have we so much bothered about corruption?

Such tendering is quite common in Railways, the uniform sent to the soldiers during the Chinese War (1962) as of such poor quality that many of our jawans died of cold rather than by Chinese bullets, Hemant Karkare had substandard ‘bullet proof’ vest…yes we have problems. However we have our success stories too. We have Ratan Tata turning around JLR and creating Nano – and giving away 70% of the group’s income to charity. We have our education institutes,….so let us be positive till the games are over.

If you think all the money went to Suresh Kalmadi it just means you do not know our political system enough.

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  1. Corruption cant be done by only one…..there should be one receiver and another one who is ready to pay for the illegal service/ to jump ahead of the queue/want to get something which he doesnt deserve/ if someone wants to escape from some issue.. etc…. If it needs to be stopped…. everyone has to take some effort….

  2. sorry subra sir. i didn’t get the point of the post. so, what should the press have done? kept silent because corruption is there everywhere? what is (was) the problem if media is (was) negative before the games? Isn’t media supposed to be a watchdog? Watchdogs tend to appear negative – don’t they? Nobody likes the finance or quality controllers in offices – that doesn’t mean they should keep quite. If the people behind CWG were clean/honest, they shouldn’t have given a hoot to what media was reporting and could have continued their work. why don’t you look at the other side – even with media crying hoarse, what has happened till now apart from mere symbolisms? Remember Satyam? we could have blamed media for going overboard during the initial days but even then what happened?

  3. Loved the last line – “If you think all the money went to Suresh Kalmadi it just means you do not know our political system enough.”

    Ha ha ha.. Hum sab mil baant ke khate hein bhai!!

  4. News channels nowadays cannot be called “news-channels”. They do not know their KRA’s. Or to say they know all the KRA’s but care only for TRP’s and the revenue it generates.

    News channels are supposed to only report news not give judgments on them. Because Judgments are given just on the primary evidences and in-depth thorough analysis is not done. (They dont have time & budget to do so). Of-course they are right most of the times when they say our system is corrupted. But even if I point a finger at random to any person from the system saying he/she is corrupt…I will be right most of the times.

    Why are great minds not doing more of news analysis of things that matter most. There are MACRO ideas/events that mean so much to the progress of the society and economy and progress of India in general. Just to name a few like…education, poverty, govt. schemes, UNSC permanent seat, economy etc. Only when the macro level things are set in place…slowly corruption will reduce. It cannot be eliminated in any country in the world. Just make everyone prosper and happy and many will feel no need to be corrupted.

    Infact corruption is a social problem and not a problem only of the system. It is we the people of society who encourage corruption.

    Any one reading this please let me know if you have never ever bribed any person and intend to maintain this stand for the rest of your life. (a traffic cop/a govt. employee etc.)

  5. actually politicians are the only ones who really enjoy freedom of speech in this country.they can abuse each other,tell lies,defame and insult -nothing happens.we all know it is hot air most of the times -ofcourse,there is some truth hidden there as well.

    if the rest of us had the same freedom,we would be much more resistant to the wares of advertisers,news anchors,even rabble rousing politicians -because we’d be immune to mega promises/lies/insults.

    we sadly lack freedom of speech -the most important part of which is the freedom to abuse,insult and offend

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