Hey Doctor Get Rich…was the original title of a book that I was writing for doctors. However ‘getting rich’ is normally not a good ‘professional goal’. For most doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, even actors,  – though money making is important, it is not all encompassing. For example a doctor working in the slums of an underdeveloped country the amount of money that a dentist makes in New York may not be the ‘turn on’ that he/ she is looking for.

Even though being Rich allows you to do a lot of noble things, being rich in itself not seen as a noble thing. Most films and stories show the rich man in poor light. In fact rich man bad man, but poor man good man is the normal movie theme. So was not keen to say Hey Doc Get Rich.

However becoming rich can still be possible for a doctor – what he needs is a guide to take him from Rich to being Wealthy.

You do not know what is the difference between being Rich and being Wealthy? Hmm you will have to wait for a few days..

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  1. Hi!
    Will b eagerly awaiting 4 ur book Mr. Subramoney.
    well let me add something that Doctors Spend about 12-15 years (MBBS 5.5 YRS+1-2 YRS jr+ 3 YRS pg-MD/MS/DNB+ 3 YRS MCH/DM/DNB) Plus a neverending quest of knowledge to get updated- it requires lot of sweat n paitence– still the money most of them make (90-95%) is meger amt. whats worse they r bad at managing it!
    most of Doc r living paycheck to paycheck! they might look rich but they r not wealthy!
    I m sorry my fellas but even if u (docs) put 0.0001% of our brains n time 4 personal finance we can b much much berrer guys…..but then not only doctors but engineers , lawers r bad when if comes to personal finance….

  2. @ dr. ali

    true pal!
    considering the amount of study/brains/knowledge/labour we guys do we r not compensated adequately (compare from a MBA/babu/businessman who do otherwise or the BIG IDIOTS american bankers who make big big money advising ppl wrong complex finance products deemed to fail!!!!– Uncle SAM–U ruined the world econimics!!)

  3. Doctors may not think getting rich is wrong. However pharma companies which want to gift books to doctors do not want to even suggest that doctors want to get rich 🙂

    many professionals consider themselves successful on the basis of professional recognition, not financial success…so perhaps? I do not know.

    my argument is doctors NEED TO UNDERSTAND MONEY – why money, recording, how much to charge, how to invest,…HOWEVER my observation is doctors have a HIGH IQ..so they lack patience to learn from slower people :). Most banks consider doctors…sitting ducks..sorry to say Dr. Ali 🙂 – it is time YOU turned the image upside down.

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